Sunday, March 5, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 at - I Am 80s


My colleague first introduced me to this place during our Christmas gathering last year. I only managed to have time for this time Valentine's Day whereby both of us finished work quite late at 7.30 pm and most places were fully booked. I am the person who still think celebrations should be celebrated for memory sake and was glad I suggested to come here despite being 11 minutes drive from my Taman SEA.

The decoration is enough to make me think of the moment that I could post with them! The waitresses and waiters are so friendly and chirpy.

Bailey Chocolate Mousse (RM 16) 

Guess what? I found my favourite alcoholic cake and had to order it though I was on a diet as were starving!

 Blueberry Yoghurt (RM 16) 

The yoghurt drink is so thick and comes served in "I am 80s" jug with a lid that can be carried back home! Cool right!

Tortilla Pesto Smoked Duck (RM 13) 

This was ordered to Alas Perut as we were both starving. Nothing special as the pesto was insufficient. After all, the highlight is coming next.

Sunburn Chicken (RM 30) 

I was grateful we ordered this though it was just randomly picked as we didn't do prior research to find out the famous dishes here. The chicken was served in a spectacular fashion and came in such a big portion that both of us could not even finish it and had to tapau!

I so wish I could order the special dessert of thick toast served hot in a pan with maple syrup poured when served, but we were too full to the brim.

This was definitely a memorable Valentine's Day camwhoring together with so many photo opps!

Add: I am 80s, No. 35, Jalan SS 4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 PJ , Selangor
Tel: 03 7497 2846

Big Bees Patisserie

After a long time of wanting to meet up after my wedding and failing to do so for Christmas as one of the classmates was traveling to Brunei and Miri, finally I met Samantha last Saturday, 4 March at Tangkak Beef noodles followed by a fattening tea time at Big Bee in Kuchai Lama which was somewhere I haven't tried before.

Big Bees is actually a bakery cum cafe like how Donutes etc is with beautiful creative decoration and ambiance and pricey bread and cakes.

Tiramisu Slice (RM 8.50) 

The coffee sprinkle on top was just amazing as the bitterness compliments the cheese mousse at the bottom.

Strawberry Slice (RM 8.50) 

My friend's boyfriend, loves strawberry flavour and this cake is quite ok

Devil Tear (RM 8.50) 

I felt like a devil eating this sinful rich chocolate mousse that just acts to put on my weight!

I kind of like the Tiramisu Coffee (RM 9.50) with distinct tiramisu taste. 

Robata Monkey

I have seen this bistro/bar that serves Japanese food for such a long time, probably during the first time I came to Jaya One. We went to Kissaten but there was no sushi served and only pasta, but having just had pasta buffet the day before, I couldn't eat pasta again!

We found out Robata serves authentic Japanese bento sets at lunch time.

Sashimi Moriawase (RM 42) 

This set is quite cheap for such big portion of fresh thick sashimi. The best part is that all the sets has ebi tempura, something considered as main dish for other Japanese restaurants. I like the fact that the owner is so generous to create this menu.

The set comes with chawanmushi and the other great highlight is the miso soup with premium mushrooms and big chunks of tofu!

The appetizer was also generously made - 3 big slices of cold Salmon Fish head with a tasty unique sauce!

Because I didn't want rice at all, it was so sweet of the waiter to substitute with generous portion of salad with liberal spread of sesame sauce!

I felt so pampered by the service here!

Unagi (RM 32 plus) 

The grilled unagi is so fresh and tender, it melted in my mouth too!

I had umeshu soda which was refreshing too.

Add: L-12A-G, Palm Square, JAYA ONE, 72A Jalan Universiti, PJ

Yummy Duck

I never knew why this restaurant which existed ever since 2010 when I first saw it, but I never bothered to try it till yesterday, after my manicure and Jonathan felt hungry!

The Char Siew Noodles (RM 9.90) were just simply amazing as it was so smooth, silky noodles with the most amazing char siew in chinese restaurant, in a very affordable price! The char siew doesn't have too much fat too!

I can't believe myself saying that char siew is tasty when I used not to like char siew in the past as I didn't like fatty pork!

Even the soup has duck taste!

We will definitely bring my in laws here next time as they love char siew like crazy!

Add: No. 9, Dinasti Sentral, Jalan Kuchai Maju 18, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL
Tel: 03 79816299 

Secret of Lousiana

When I first laid eyes on the giant poster of the pasta buffet available at lunch time till 3 pm, I set the target to try it if I could and when I came here to talk to Chef Elvin on the wedding arrangement, I didn't hesitate to take the chance since it was lunch time last Sunday.

Can you believe it if I tell you the pasta buffet costs ONLY RM 24.90 per pax on Sunday and RM 21.90 per pax on Monday-Saturday? Unbelievable? Even more unbelievable would be it comes with home brewed coffee and hot ceylon tea, fresh homemade ice lemon tea without using the instant powder, free flow salad, thinly sliced bruchetta garlic bread, mushroom soup and also ice-cream of the day!

I like the fact that the freshly made lemon tea was without sugar and sugar syrup was served separately for you to add as you wish! This is definitely a customer-oriented chef!

There were 15 types of pasta to try and they can be flexible to serve in smaller portion for you to taste! Also, even more amazing is that the chef serves the al-dente spaghetti cooked live for you!

Curry Calamari 

This is my favourite spaghetti because I always fancy anything cooked with curry and even better, my favourite calamari!

Chilli Smoked Duck 

Smoked duck is another one of my favourite list! To pair it with spaghetti was just nice!

Fussili Chicken Lasagna 

I guess lasagna and Italy is just unavoidable. The pairing of lasagna with fussili is also suitable.

Cajun Garlic Shrimp 

Secret of Lousiana is famous for Cajun inspired dishes which is the spice from America South. The shrimps are also big and fresh for the price paid!

Creamy Pesto Fish 

I am someone who always like pesto sauce and it was beautifully paired with grilled fish.

Vongole Clam

Anything paired with clams definitely works for me!

I love the thinly sliced bruchetta garlic bread but the soup was a bit too diluted for me but he said he did serve wild mushroom soup before but some young customers prefer the pizza hut styled mushroom soup!

All the food are totally worth the price paid and there is a free view of natural lake or one can get the ambience of country styled set up inside the restaurant.

The chef is incredible in pairing food and doesn't settle for any pairing thats not tasty and would put his reputation at stake. In fact, he was so proud of his carbonara that he insisted his waiter brought that for me though we were full to the brim. His carbonara sauce is made from imported double cream to make it so creamy and thick.

Chicken Carbonara

Free ice-cream! YAM!