Monday, June 26, 2017

Hemisphere Restaurant and Bar

For my birthday this year where we were celebrating it for the first time as husband and wife, is held at Hemisphere Restaurant and Bar. We took almost 45 mins to reach there because we could not find the Regalia Residence 2 condo which was actually behind Sunway Putra Mall but inaccessible from the mall but need to go along the highway.

There are many guests tonight celebrating their friends birthdays as well. If not for special occasions, people would not come here due to the hefty price per item. There was a marriage proposal too and 2 ladies who look like celebrities.

One has to make advance booking for an alfresco dining table that would be along the circular balcony that can afford the view of KL city. Many people come here to take photo of the night scene, lights and also Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower.

When we arrived, we did not have a table and had to sit in the middle. Later only were we given the table near the glass that overlooks the outside area. There were 2 heart-shaped balloons at my chair that makes me the special one! It reminds me of 29 April during my wedding proposal at Pietro.

Foie Gras Cigar (RM 49.90) 

This is not one of the popular orders but it sure is unique. Thank god Jonathan remembered this special item from the menu and we ordered it. They use a wafer look-alike to roll the foie gras into a cigar. It is served with some chocolate biscuit bits and also the solid and non-creamy part of the foie gras and also a small strawberry. The foie gras is simply exquisite.

New Zealand Roasted Lamb Rack (RM 99.90) 

I kept staring at the menu due to the exorbitant prices and finally, since we are already here, we decided to order the lamb rack which is the average priced steak/lamb item here. The lamb is moist, tender and succulent. It is served with mashed potato and edaname peas on top and also a myriad of mushrooms like button mushroom, shimeji, shitake and abalone mushrooms. It is a fusion lamb as it is served with acar sliced cucumber and the overall combination was just superb!

River Prawn Aglio Olio (RM 79.90)

The Aglio Olio fettuccini is one of the most amazing I have ever tasted as contrary to popular belief that aglio olio is the simplest Italian pasta dish, it is cooked with  a spices that evoke the senses. the river prawn is also huge enough and has just the right amount of creaminess to it and not overly creamy from cheese overload. There are also a lot of squid cooked together.

Pineapple Juice (RM 12) 

I almost thought this is just pineapple juice from the can but turned out to be freshly squeezed juice which was good. I didn't order any cocktail as there wasn't any in particularly special serving style but just normal mojito, long island etc.

The infinity pool at Regalia Residence 2

Add: Hemisphere Restaurant and Bar, Level 37 (Sky Garden), Regalia Residence 2, Jalan Anjung Putra, Off Jalan Sultan, 50480 KL
Tel: 03 27421098 / 016-2057088

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

I ran out of idea of where to have Japanese food in creative manner so I randomly posted in Facebook and one of my friends replied to my post that she recommends Cocotei. Then I googled Cocotei and found out that this restaurant has quite tasty fine dining Japanese food but many facebook reviewers mentioned that they had to wait for almost 1-2 hours for their food. I was so worried about that so Jonathan quickly called in on 24/6 morning to make a reservation. We then rushed there and reached late at almost 1 pm. It is actually located in the open area of Holiday Inn Express KL.

The ambience is as sophisticated as described by the bloggers. There are different type of setting like indoor setting, bar tables, and also the circular round tables inside.

There are also tatami seating facing the Japanese garden.

There are also private dinner rooms with 4 different seasons as the wallpaper.

Every private room has glass roof top that shows KL skyscrapers.

Attention to detail is given by the owner even to the extent of the famous broccoli decoration at the tatami area and also slippers for the guests.

Event the washrooms are work of art!

Initially, before coming, I thought that the price of every set is at least RM 54 - 80 and above. Luckily we came at lunch time and there was thankfully, special lunch sets at below prices. I like the set lunch here because there is so much freedom in choosing the menu items whereby we are spoilt for choice. Each set also comes with rice, miso soup, chawanmushi and pickles.

RM 33 : A + A
RM 36 : A + B, B + B
RM 39 : A + C, B + C, or C + C


The appetizer of the day were seaweed with some sesame seeds. The pickled octopus was simply incredible!

Unagi Kabayaki

I have always had Unagi craving for a long time and finally I fulfilled my craving with this huge piece of Unagi that simply screamed happiness. It was so slippery and soft and the meat was thick as well.

Sashimi Moriawase 

I always shout aloud that I can never get fed up of sashimi and I mean it! Duh! The sashimi consisting of 2 pieces of salmon, 1 maguro, 1 butterfish and etc are all very thick and fresh. In fact, they are such big size that I needed to cut them into half before eating!

Ebi Tempura 

We all love prawns and thought of just ordering ebi tempura since the mixed vegetable and 2 Ebi tempura cost the same anyway. The tempura batter is beautifully fried and not over fried till brownish.

Spider Maki 

The soft shell crab maki is one of the best I have ever eaten as the crab is just super crispy. They are very generous with the portion and inserted the entire crab inside compared to places like Sakae Sushi or Sushi King which has mostly mayonaise. Mind you, just 1 soft shell crab ala-carte cost RM 35 here but even that, you are assured of the quality.


Chawanmushi is included in all the set lunches. Even if not, I have read bloggers ordering this to eat which must have been so tasty to be ordered ala-carte. It has a lot of ingredients like tender chicken meat, 1 gingko nut, fishcake, mushroom and even prawn! Wow so far, I have never had set chawanmushi with prawn inside!

Beef Shogayaki 

The light stir-fried beef with ginger sauce was just incredible. The beef doesn't have the beefy smell and thinly sliced. It is not cooked with too much seasoning that covers the original taste.


The supervisor was so kind to change my white rice to a healthy salad with cherry tomatoes, something most people won't do and would just not serve you the rice without any replacement.

Hotate Butteryaki 

These scallops are so huge and very well worth the price paid. In fact, they were so huge that I need to cut it into half before eating. I also liked the sensitivity of the chef who took the initiative to sliced out the scallops from the shell which otherwise would cause us to waste a lot of sides if we were to take it out ourselves. The hotate is simply juicy, succulent and simply amazing.


We can get any of their amazing ice-cream by just topping up RM 4 to the set lunch.

The Black sesame ice-cream is just superb as the bits of black sesame can be literally felt and seen unlike those mall ones whereby they are just spots.

Wasabi ice-cream is my personal favourite. Beware of the spice inside but if you are ok with that, the spice beautifully comes well together with the coldness of the ice-cream and the natural sweetness of red bean.


The mochi is a traditional type of mochi with very smooth peanut shavings on top. Too bad we finished our ice-cream by the time this arrived warm.

Pictures of the Happy Birthday Girl

Childish Fun

Add: No.84, Ground Floor, Annex, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03 2164 5265