Saturday, October 29, 2016


After going to Armanee for whole day of fitting, we went to Skewers for dinner as we were already hungry. It is a new place that we haven't been to. There were not many people when we went there.

Moroccan Lamb Shank (RM 28.90) 

This is one of the famous food there. The lamb is so tender and the gravy very thick. It would have been better if there were bread to dip. There is a bed of mashed potato at the bottom to go with the sauce.

Lu Rou Fan (RM 9.90) 

The rice is so tasty and fragrant. The sauce is just amazing. It is rare that we find a restaurant that serves both great western and asian food together.  The pork is also great! I like the fact that the egg could pop out.

Bacon Wrapped Enoki (RM 4.90) 

This is super juicy and just simply fabulous! The juices of the bacon was dripping and together with the enoki, it was heaven.

Scallop (RM 4.90) 

Compared to the night market, grilled scallop is much cheaper here and tasted so great.

Gentle Lemon (RM 5.80) 

The lemon drink is so-so and nothing to shout about.

Add: 11, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 PJ
Tel: 03 78655588

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ji Pin Xiang Noodles

We were about to go to Memoiers Studio and were hungrily looking for a lunch place. We stumbled upon this place which sells special Taiwan Potato Noodles.

Seafood Potato Noodles (RM 15.90) 

This noodle has a little rubbery taste to it. It was ok for me but Jonathan found it not to his liking. The soup was delicious though. The portion of noodles was as though it was for 2 people.

Beef Noodles Spicy Thick Mee Sua (RM 18.90) 

We prefer the noodles for this one as it is soft and transparent. the chilli soup is not spicy at all. They initially did the order wrongly and forgot to serve in chilli and added it later with the thinly sliced beef.

This was made a set with Plum Juice (RM 4.50) which was super sour.


Add: No. 7-0-9 & 7-3-9 Jalan 3/109F, Danau Business Centre, Taman Danau Desa, 51800 KL
Tel: 03-73877388