Monday, June 24, 2019

Bo All Day Dining

24th June 2019 

My mother flew here yesterday to celebrate my birthday eve and real day with me. I took leave to enjoy my birthday since it didn't fall on a weekend and decided to fulfill my wish of visiting the instagrammable Linc KL which is most happening currently for taking cool shots.

After surveying the entire Linc KL, which has many artsy eateries like exclusive De Wan (by Chef Wan), Ben's, Wrappe, some Chinese eateries, and Bean Brothers, I finally chose Bo All Day Dining, which was my first stop and last due to the weekday set lunch of main course with 1 drink (Coke/Sprite/Iced Lemon Tea) and a salad at RM 34 per set.

The interior of Bo's was very sophisticated and somehow reminded one of the old British restaurant with Monkey designed wall. There was Harriston's chocolate shop inside as well.


The salad was tasty and crunchy with the finely sliced carrot and cucumber

Asian  Crabmeat Pasta 

This angel hair pasta combo quite unique and fragrant, topped with small shreds of crab meat, and ground coconut. But to me, it lacks enough toppings like vegetables so I ate it with the salad.

Bo's Signature Rotisserie Roast - Quarter 

It comes with baked potato salad and also choice of sauce (Chicken Juice/Garlic Avioli/Basil Mini Pesto/Truffle Chicken Juice). Mum chose the Basil Mint Pesto which was amazing that I wished they gave me more. The chicken was so juicy, succulent and roasted till golden that I even forgo my rule of not eating chicken skin!

Bo All Day Dining Bo, LINC, LOT 1-10/1-11, NO 360 THE, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-2112842


 I first heard of Roofino from one of my big clients and decided to celebrate our birthday here this year. It seems that rooftop restaurants with KLCC views are always popular and this is one of the very few to serve tasty food compared to the rest that we have tried before. We initially planned to do a staycation but couldn't due to the annual company event in Setia Alam on 22/6/2019.

This is an superb place to see the KL Skyview hence many couples come here for proposals and special occasions. There was choice of air-conditioned restaurant which was spread throughout the entire 34th floor or al-fresco in colourful cosy lounge sofas outside.

The other side of the restaurant but not able to see KLCC here.
Photos before night comes 

However, one can only see 1 of the KLCC tower only with KL Tower from here.This is the most favourite spots for proposals.

I discovered a private al-fresco dining place whereby there seems to be a party tonight

It seems this place is halal or at least pork-free as I saw some Muslims coming here too.


The appetizer with Sambal was quite tasty

Half & Half Pizza (RM 42) 

The special thing here is we can either order pizza in 1 flavour or the with mix of 2 flavours. We chose Turkey Ham & Pineapple mixed with Smoked Duck which were amazing in taste. The pizza crust was so thin and crispy too. It is also rare to get these 2 flavours.

Linguine Seafood Pasta (RM 68) 

When this arrived, I was shocked at the way it was wrapped in aluminium foil and had the juicy white sauce which was full of seafood taste from the prawns, mussels and octopus. We just couldn't stop having second helpings. It was just seafood heaven! It was also my first time seeing linguine in alumimium foil, which was their new menu. Mum deem this as Char Hor Fun!

Seabass in Foil (RM 68) 

Another new addition to the menu is the Seabass in Foil, which reminded me of some Chinese seafood restaurant. I guess I am not a big fan of seabass but it was just ok. The best part is the gravy cooked with white wine which was so juicy I kept drinking it.

Red Velvet Tiramisu (RM 22) 

I pre-ordered this cake as a surprise but it turned out to be a major disappointment as first I dislike red velvet and secondly, I never expected any Italian restaurant to have such a terrible Tiramisu  and charge an exorbitant RM 22! Thank god I didn't order the crepe.

This is also one of the few times that I visit of KL Skyview Rooftop restaurant and got the chance to see the sunset, I used to always miss this.

Night View

The full bill came up to RM 200 + 10% SST RM 20 + 6% SST RM 12 = RM 232
(Could have saved more without the horrible cake)

Details: Roofino, No. 34th Floor, KL Trillion, 338, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 KL.
Tel: 03-27133275