Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hokkaido Cheese Tart

We have always thought that Hokkaido Cheese Tart has been in Malaysia for a long time but in actual fact, it was only established in the last 6 months in June 2015 and has expanded to 26 outlets in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

Tokyo Secret is the first cheese tart in Malaysia followed by Hokkaido Cheese Tart and also Pablo.
The unique factor about this tart is that Hokkaido Cheese Tart is the ONLY HALAL cheese tart certified by JAKIM in Malaysia.

Besides the HALAL factor which is important for all Muslims, it is also affordable and tasty. Based on social listening, those who are not such a big fan of cheesy smell, yet like your tart creamy, runny and crispy, then Hokkaido Cheese Tart is a great choice, whereby its secret recipe using 3 types of cheese comes all the way from Japan.

Hokkaido Cheese Tart has 3 flavours that are original, chocolate and the latest flavour to be launched on 20 January 2017 onwards is the D24 Durian Flavour.

Now, how to differentiate the original and durian tarts by the looks? Well, the durian one has a flowery edge.

The durian flavour is also moderate and not too strong, yet retain the durian smell too. Being a person who doesn't like strong smell of durian, these are just nice for me. It retails at RM 6.60.

I also take a liking to all things chocolate so naturally the chocolate tart is my favourite too.

There are three styles of eating their cheese tarts that are:
1. Room Temperature-Rich and flavourful, fresh from the oven

2a. Chilled-Smooth and refreshing when chilled

2b. Frozen-Creamy like "ice-cream"-The crust would end up being very hard and you need to use a spoon to eat the filling.

4. Hot-Reheat in oven toaster-My favourite way.

Current Promotion : Buy 5 Free 1 (RM 29)

You can get your favourite Hokkaido Cheese Tarts from many malls including Sunway Pyramid at Asian Avenue and also as a small outlet inside Secret Recipe at Sunway Pyramid.

At Secret Recipe, Sunway Pyramid outlet

Monday, January 9, 2017

Crab B

My in laws are crazy fans of crabs simply because, surprisingly, crabs are super expensive up till RM 150/kg in KK! So we brought them to one of the best places for crabs in Puchong area for brunch.

Japanese Snails (RM 18) 

This is one of my favourite. I couldn't even remember the last time I had the chance to eat snails. I just learnt that the Chinese word for 'snails' = 'lay'.

The snails are beautifully coated with butter milk which adds to the fragrance, not to mention our diet plan. It also tastes great.

Lotus Leaf Tofu (RM 18) 

This is another unique dish here whereby the homemade tofu is steamed in steamer similar with a dim sum restaurant. The tofu is placed on a piece of leaf and steamed together with pork meat.

BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 58) 

This is one of the best pork ribs sold in a Chinese restaurant. The flesh and fats are sweet too.

XXXL Crab (RM 153) 

This is the signature dish here. The crab is so fresh and when peeled, the entire piece will come out instead of in bits and pieces. We also ordered it to cook in curry, the signature cooking style which tasted awesome with the mantou (RM 5).

Honey Lime (RM 4.50) 

All of us were feeling heaty and had a bottle of Honey Lime each which is was made just nice and not too sour.

Osaka Teppan

I' m kinda the type of person who cannot go a week without Japanese food. Shall I say I practically thrive on Japanese food? Anyway, after having Western food for last Saturday dinner, Macanese food for Saturday Lunch and Chinese food for Sunday lunch, my mind spun back to Japanese food for Sunday dinner which we ate ourselves as the in laws were too caught up shopping at IOI Mall Putrajaya.

I have been eyeing this huge open air red and black Japanese restaurant smack at the end of IOI Mall Putrajaya LG floor every time I go to this mall. We noticed that the food is not too expensive too.

Chicken and Beef Teppanyaki Set (RM 23.90) 

Can you believe the price paid for such a big portion? The beef is quite tasty and tender too. It comes together with miso soup, white rice with red chilli powder and also greenish powder. Most importantly, my favourite teppanyaki styled bean sprouts and cabbage. There is also a side of deep fried chicken karaage.

Seafood Teppanyaki (RM 32.90) 

This is quite worth the price with 2 big pieces of grilled salmon, 2 octopus, 2 big prawns. I did not like the raw cabbage at the side as I think that Teppanyaki should always fry the cabbage together. Mine also came with reddish lychee mocktail, miso soup and the best part is the free flow of salad!

Hello! By Kitchen Mafia

I think me and my finally have a craze for Thai food. The trend amongst my office colleagues nowadays is to visit Hello! By Kitchen Mafia whenever there are any welcome/farewell/birthday parties.

It is my first time becoming Amway Am Buddy (Am Sister) for Krystle Kee. I just found out that we were Am Sisters. I plan to take her out for lunch and because I was my lazy self that day, I quickly did some make up on my face to appear presentable!

On 4 January 2017, I brought my new Am Sister to this cafe which she also read about and thought we need to make a booking beforehand to secure a place. We went there with my 'godmother' colleague - Sharine together. We had a lot of fun chatting in the cosy ambience of Hello! which was thankfully not that crowded.

Duck Ginger Fried Rice (RM 15.57) 

This is ordered by Krystle as she more of a 'rice' person. The taste is quite ok.

Salted Egg Butter Milk Squid Pasta (RM 25) 

This is the hottest bestseller here and the taste itself proved it true! The thick paste of butter milk has thoroughly covered the deep fried squid and also coated the pasta very beautifully. Ultimate heaven!

Hazelnut Latte (RM 11) 

The latte is very fragrant and has strong flavours just the way I like it.