Sunday, February 21, 2021


 This year's Valentine's Day 14.02.2021 was celebrated in Italiannies as they had a Valentine's Day Set for quite an affordable price starting at RM49 with 3 course meal. Thank god I saw the FB ad suddenly. It seems that the only Italiannies outlet is left at The Curve as the rest were closed down! It seems that The Curve didn't have the cheer it used to have and lacked the lustre. 

It was also flexible in that we can order a Valentine's set and mix with ala-carte meals. Even if so, the set is cheaper than normal which would add up to RM100 anyway. The good thing about ordering the Valentine's Day set is they allocated a special corner decorated beautifully by the staff. The Restaurant Manager was so glad that I kept taking photos of his decorations that he kept asking me, about 3 times, how was I feeling! 

We wanted to order Grapefruit Cooler but they ran out of it so we made do with Strawberry version.

Appetizer for the Set  

The potato croquette was not bad when eaten with salsa, refreshing

The Heart-shaped Pizza 

For Valentine's Day, they had a special edition pizza made in the shape of the heart with turkey ham inside. I liked the thin crispy pizza and even kept the leftovers for breakfast and dinner the next day! 

Main Course for the Set of RM49 

The prawn linguini alfredo style was quite tasty, with a little cream and mushrooms. 

Dessert for the Set 

I was grateful I ordered 1 set otherwise we would have to finish 2 Tiramisu Cakes from the Set Meals. Furthermore, I just had Strawberry Tiramisu at Dotti's Cafe for tea time today! 

Ichiban Boshi

 Seems like a long time since I blog so here I go again. Blogging keeps things immortalised anyway. 

So on the 1st day of CNY which was the first few days that we were allowed to dine in with 2 pax, I decided that I must have Japanese food as this is something I do not know how to cook. After exploring the entire mall, I decided to go to Ichiban Boshi at Pavillion Mall since I saw a Set Meal offer like RM30 for the gozen. We ended up feeling so nauseous of the food as I have mistakenly ordered too much rice items. I had to drink so much tea the entire night to digest!  

The Business Gozen I ordered had few slices of beef on hotplate, mini tendon rice, chawanmushi, tofu, miso soup. The Tempura was quite ok but the tofu didn't come with kimchi as per photo in menu so we highlighted to them and they gave some pickles.

The Sanma Set was ordered as I was mainly attracted to the Chirashi Don set as I love sashimi a lot but all the sashimi and sushi are quite pricey in this restaurant. But having eaten too much Saba at home during MCO, the Sanma tasted similar to it, and we were quite bored of that same fish already. 

Pokok KL Cafe


WOW finally the 2 month long MCO starting from January 2021, which was not a very interesting start of year 2021, ending with the first Chinese New Year where we could not travel back to our hometown, and the government announced we could dine in at restaurants last week. To add a little cheer to the CNY lowdown mood, of staying put in KL, I searched for the most instagrammable cafes in Klang Valley, lo and behold, I found POKOK KL CAFE which surprisingly is at the place that I used to pass by every time in the past. That's why people say sometimes the hidden gem is right in front of us but our eyes seem to wander for afar. Rarely in the heart of a bustling town like PJ do you see so greenery! Parking cost RM2 per hour at Mahsa Avenue. 

The Glasshouse cafe really looks even more instagrammable than the photos. It was surreal stepping into the glasshouse like stepping into an enchanted land! No wonder a lot of students and youth flock to this place and I almost didn't get the chance to dine inside the glasshouse if not because I saw a guests going off! They told me to go to the next door Event Space cafe called The Ground instead which I was not keen when I came for the glasshouse. I wonder how students can afford to dine here with the prices of RM30-35 for a main dish. 

Thank god they had a MCO Special Set for 2 pax at RM69 which saves you RM10  whether it's the Local Set like Nasi Lemak/Pasta/Laksa or the Western Set with Avocado Spread & Egg Benedicts (Add Salmon for RM7), Big Breakfast (choice of turkey ham/beef bacon and scrambled eggs/bull's eye egg). Choice of drinks are Fizzy Peach/Passionfruit/Lemonade etc whereas any coffee like latte/cappucino  costs extra RM5. I was torn between the Pink Latte (ala-carte) a RM15  or just pay RM5 for coffee and decided on this so mine rounded up to RM74. It seems that almost every table orders these two popular items anyway. 

Big Breakfast 

The Avocado Spread was simply delicious. They did the Egg benedict very well, without being too rubbery and thick. The bread was also just nice, crispy only at the sides. I preferred this bread than the typical hard muffins. It was my first time eating this item, and was so well worth it for the package price. 

The Coffee came with beautiful latte art too. 

Since I saw almost every table ordering the Strawberry Pavlova (RM15), I could not resist it to order just for the pictures but I regretted making myself take empty calories and sugar overload later on. Moreover, I am not a big fan of sugar and cream. 

If you come here, don't forget the next door huge space called The Ground with many instagrammable spots inside! 

Almost every single table of customers were busy taking photos when their food arrive so its like a bloggers' heaven! Many comes to celebrate birthdays as it's pretty and cool! 


Opening Hours: 10am-8pm 

Tel: 03-84081811

Add: MAHSA Avenue (Jalan Universiti Campus), Block B, Level 1 Jalan Ilmu, off, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, 59100 Kuala Lumpur