Saturday, August 17, 2019

Okonomoyaki Konaya

I suddenly had the urge to eat Okonomoyaki after seeing our Osaka photos so I began googling for it and found this place in Sunway Giza specializing in only Okonomoyaki and Yakisoba.

It has been about 4-5 years since I came here and Sunway Giza has changed totally in terms of having a lot of shops and even a weekend market. It's convenient as there is even Village Grocer here so we can do our groceries after lunch rather than go to the hypermarket in another place

The entire cafe is manned by only one guy which is quite pitiful because he is the cashier, cook and also waiter.

They have all kinds of fillings for the Okonomoyaki from  pork (buta) to prawns, beef, and even mochi. I wanted so much to try the mochi version since I haven't tried this in my life, but it was not worth the money to add RM 6 for mochi to the RM 28.80 mixed okonomoyaki.

We initially wanted to try yakisoba but then again we wanted to try the Mixed Okonomoyaki and also the Soba version.

Eating Okonomoyaki at this restaurant reminds me of our Osaka holidays because they serve the Okonomoyaki  on a hot sizzling BBQ plate on each table. One can also opt to make the Okonomoyaki themselves which we didn't as we worry we didn't how to do it well. After all, the same price is charged.

Mix-Yaki (RM 28.80) 

This is actually Mixed Okonomoyaki  with pork, prawn and squid which was quite delicious and mirrors the one in Osaka except they don't have bonito flakes on top but uses bonito powder.

Modern Yaki (Soba/Udon) (RM 23.80) 

This is just normal Okonomoyaki  with soba inside. Nothing special to me, just a whole lot of carbs and quite fattening.

Green Tea (refillable) cost RM 2 per pax. The price of Okonomoyaki is quite reasonable but there isn't much choices for food here so perhaps that was why the entire restaurant only had 3 customers at lunch time on a Saturday. Also, it is quite pricey to pay a total of RM 62.25 for 2 Okonomoyaki only which is basically flour and some seafood. There was also service charge of 10%. We could eat better food at cheaper prices in the restaurants outside Sunway Giza.

Address: Ground Floor, Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara


Being the person who is always on the lookout for something unique, and since we have been to ioi Puchong too many times for movies and run out of places to eat there, decided to try to eat near the boulevard and found this corner lot of B.O.D. dim sum, more like a fast food type where they make their own dim sum and freeze it for sale.

The Charcoal Lava buns were quite tasty as the lava runs out hot from the bun.

Even for a non-pau person like me, the pau with meat and celery was quite unique.

Another unique item here is the Giant Loh Mai Kai which came with a lot of ingredients like mushrooms, chicken and also egg.

Later on I found out they have branch in Mid Valley as well.

Address: 6G, Jalan Kenari 6, Bandar Puchong Jaya


Recently, during my birthday celebration in Yuzu, Gardens, I spotted Ichiriki after our lunch which has an opening promotion for 2 items and the food are not that expensive at RM 25 above. So we went to Ichiriki last week.

Japanese Curry Fried Pork in Sizzling Pan (RM 20) 

They had a promotion for this which is normally priced RM 25. The deep fried pork was quite tasty dipped in curry with an egg on top. Being a non-pork or rice lover, it is surprising that I felt that was tasty.

Spicy Ramen with Char Siu and Garlic Fried Rice (RM 25) 

This set is quite reasonable as to our surprise, the noodles came the normal sized portion and there were 2 pieces of char siew. There was also fried garlic rice that is normal-sized portion instead of half the size. The gyozas were also not bad. The portion was almost for 1 and half person.

By just adding RM 4.90 to any main course meal, there was matcha latte.

Address: Ichiriki, The Gardens, 1st Floor, Lot F237b, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 KL

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chye Seng Foo Coffee Shop

 People of yesteryear, would look at the word "coffee shop" as a place of low value and somewhere very hot and stuffy. It would not come to mind a place like Chye Seng Foo which sells F&B at high prices of at least RM 15 and above for food. The price of food was affordable but it means portions were really small.

We had to do two turns as the cafe was located at the roadside but one needs to go through the housing area to reach.

Moreover, it is an upscale and trendy place where a lot of youngsters frequent. I even saw a guy who endlessly look for instagrammable spots for taking photos of his food and drinks. I mean he was crazier than me in that terms.

The only difference is unlike other cafes which have free water, they don't serve any for free and you need to order mineral water at RM 2.

Lychee Meatball Rice (RM 15) 

This is one of the unique menu here where they serve rice with lychee, sunny-side up and delicious meatballs. In fact, though I am not a fan of meatball, I find it funny that I actually like the meatball which was tender and slightly crispy on the outside. The mixture of sweetness from the lychee, pineapple and little drizzle of sweet and sour sauce was just nice.

Piglet Bolognese Pasta (RM 15) 

The pasta is just simple, and taste like homemade sauce with carrot, celery, sunny-side-up and also 2 pieces of bacon.They also gave fettucine instead of the common spaghetti.

 Houjicha Latte (RM 12) 

The Houjicha latte is to die for as it was very thick with hojicha. I really could not take it when the smell of milk is overpowering for matcha.

Berry Cheesecake

The frozen cheese cake is not bad, not too cheesy as I am not a cheesecake fan. Initially I had problem trying to decide to order this or the matcha chiffon which is popular here. The cheese cake had blueberry in the middle and surrounded by fresh fruits as garnishing which is what makes it unique here.

Address: Chye Seng Foo Coffee Shop, No. 268, Jalan Cheras, Batu 2 1/2, 56100 Kuala Lumpur Cheras
Tel: 0173907896

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Mak's Chee Wantan

We spotted this place many times in One Utama but I have always labeled it as expensive Wantan Mee place so I never stepped into the restaurant till today when we ran out of new places to try. After all, it was already 5pm and too late to cook dinner at home. We also saw some Video online about the wantan mee with prawn roe.

Wonton Dumpling Dry Noodles (RM 17.90) 

This is something you would order if you want the best of both worlds, the wantan mee and the prawn wantans as well as prawn sui kow with black fungus. The noodles was totally dry, unlike the usual wantan mee which is served with dark sauce except this was dry so that we can feel the fragrance of the prawn roe. The prawn dumplings are to die for, absolutely heavenly. Quite worth the price since they gave about 6 dumplings instead of 4 pieces like in other fine dining wantan mee restaurants.

The Cursory Rice with Lard (RM 14.90) 

This lard rice is something very simple with 2 eggs and also luncheon meat (something I wouldn't order myself) as I rarely eat luncheon meat.

Total bill came up to RM 38.05 including 10% service charge and 6% Service Tax

Address: LG311D New Wing One Utama, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Botak Ikan Pari

Vivian Chang suddenly had an urge to eat Ikan Bakar and suggested this place which she saw in Samantha's instagram. The place turned out to be just a hawker stall and it was raining when we went there. Thank god there was shade in the kopitiam.

Since there were many of us, we order Ikan Pari for 3 pax, lala, 4 types of stir-fried beans and kam heong siham (cockles) which were all so tasty but the price came up to almost RM 100 for hawker food!


Details: No. 2, Jalan 2/125f, Taman Desa Petaling, 54000 KL
Tel: 012-2349029
Opening Hours: 6pm onwards

Pho Street @ IOI Puchong

IOI Puchong GSC is good place to come for morning movies for a lower price of RM 10. So usually before the movies, we have to have our brunch here. Hence, we end up trying most of the food in the food republic and finally I decided to try Pho Street. 

Beef and Spring Roll Noodles 

I tried the noodles which was not bad as the beef was quite tasty. The spring roll was crispy but a tad too hard. 

Fried Rice 

The fried rice was not bad and fried with wok hei.