Sunday, February 25, 2018


We initially came here planning to have cheap pasta at Palates and use our RM 1 discount voucher but it was closed. So I thought of trying the many new cafes opposite Taylors College called Itaewon which serves food for easy takeaway in plastic bento boxes. We can upgrade the sets to fried rice by just paying extra whopping RM 2!

They also have Beer promo at RM 50 for 3 Beer or Soju. At night, there is the BBQ platter option.

Lunch Set Buldak (RM 15) 

This is bbq spicy chicken which is marinated so well and was simply superb. The most worthwhile is the RM 2 we paid for Jonathan's seafood fried rice whereas merely the seafood fried rice alone costs at least RM 13!

We love the non-salty soup with generous portion of straw mushrooms and seaweed.

Lunch Jjukumi Set (RM 15) 

This is the one with baby octopus which was simply superb. The portion of meat and also octopus for both sets are so generous that we ended up so full. I upgraded to Kimchi Fried Rice with just RM 2 which is so worth it! I have never had such a big portion for a long time and most places won't let you upgrade till kimchi fried rice which is a main dish that can sell on its own.

Address: Itaewon Korean Snacks, No. 6, Ground Floor and First Floor, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya, Subang 47500 Selangor

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Double Joy

I run out of place to eat in PJ, like seriously! So I went to google to find other places that are affordable for CNY and found this place called Double Joy in SS3. The place is already opened for 40 years whereby the head chef is also the owner.

Wintermelon Beancurd (RM 16) 

The portions are quite small but the dishes are just amazing. The beancurd looks like it's homemade and so soft. The wintermelon is made in such a way that mum used to not like it but it tasted good

Champagne Pork Rib (RM 25) 

The pork ribs are cooked in a sauce that tasted like lemon sauce and so tasty. Superb, juicy and succulent.

Fish Head with Taucheow (RM 45) 

The fish is the only expensive item here. The sauce is salty but they gave the good fish parts.

Plain rice costs RM 1.50 each and the Pu Er tea was RM 6 nett. I am definitely coming back here again to try the other dishes.

Dragon Leaves (RM 16) 

After having 3 dishes, I kind of still feel hungry and ordered the dragon leaves since the famous dish is pak choy with minced pork whereby I am not a big fan of minced pork.

Address: No. 27, Jalan SS3/37 (Off Jalan SS3/66), Universiti Garden 47300 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: 012 673 1889

Dak Kae Bi Korean BBQ Buffet

I wanted to go back to this place thinking of eating the same cheap Korean lunch set which I had for below RM 12 in the past, but it seems the management has changed. The interior remained the same.

Kimchi Fried Rice (RM 15) 

There are so many side dishes (banchan) and they actually served 2 sets to us when we ordered 2 sets of main dishes.

The Kimchi Fried Rice here is just superb, as amazing as the previous one. It is better than the horrible one at Ko Hyang which has overpowering taste of Kimchi. The kimchi taste is just nice. I also like the thin slice of fried egg and seaweed.

Kimchi Jji Gae (RM 20) 

The kimchi tofu soup (no seafood) is so tasty that I finished every sip.


Address: No. 2-1 Jalan Kuchai Maju 1, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sky Blu Bar (KK)

On 13/2, we were walking about Suria Mall during CNY Holidays in KK and then Jonathan said he wanted too show me the hotel next door so I can decide on our Valentine's Day dinner location. I found that Sky Blu Bar has just amazing view of the whole KK and even better, they have many reasonably priced deals and promotions like RM 38 set of beer/wine/cocktail with a snack, RM 70 for a jug of cocktail and high tea set for RM 30.  The mocktail only costs RM 16 per glass.

They even have a deal of RM 20 F&B and we get to swim in the rooftop pool which obviously I fell for it and decided to come here on the 3rd day of CNY before we return back to KL.

A lot of people come here to look at sunset and the sea view from the roof top in the midst of KK city.

High Tea Set (RM 30) 

The high tea set we ordered was the savoury one. It contains really normal and cheap items like deep fried popiah, samosa, deep fried red bean sesame balls, some dim sum and some plain mantou with only mayonaise inside and a thin slice of salad. It comes with a choice of 2 hot drinks.

The tea was thankfully not that sweet.

There also live band at 6 - 10 pm which is quite relaxing in the evening. Even if not, it was a joy swimming to the beat of the hot music.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant

On the first night KK during CNY 2018 holidays, after Jeremiah's work, we fetched him and he brought us to Welcome Seafood nearby which was brimming with people.

Black Pepper Crab 

Can you believe it that 2 crabs costs RM 30 only? That's the cheapest crab I ever had and with incredible taste.

Paku-pakis with Belacan 

When in East Malaysia, never forget to order paku-pakis which is superb here. I like this place because they didn't cook it till it was oily.

Address: Lot 15, Beverly Hills Industry, Jalan Bundusan 88300 Penampang, KK Sabah
tel: 088-728669

KK Beaufort Seafood

This time in KK was truly a food feasting week of Chinese New Year. All the cafes and kopitiam I tried was the first I ever had.

This time round we went to KK Beaufort for brunch on the 3rd day of CNY which the bill believe it or not, was RM 102.

Seafood Tuaran Noodles 

Tuaran noodles are cooked in dry style without sauce at all. In KK, most noodles can have fish or seafood options and fish is easily available. There are a lot of prawns, fish and vegetables inside too.

Tomato Omelette 

I told Jeremiah that I could easily cook this at home but minus the sauce. Surprisingly, for a normal and simple looking dish, it was tasty to be eaten with plain white rice. I would not usually order this myself as I could make it myself.

Claypot Seafood 

The claypot seafood is another favourite dish of mine and this claypot costs only RM 48. It contains fresh fish, prawns and delicious soft fresh tofu.

Ku Lok Yok (Sweet and Sour Pork) 

The Ku Lok Yok is just superb and has less flour than normal, and fried till super crispy with thick sweet and sour sauce.

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 7, No. 5-0, Kolam Plaza, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, Taman Hilltop 88300 KK Sabah
Tel: 016-9378822

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fatt Kee (KK)

I seriously don't know what's is so spectacular about Fatt Kee that everyone crowds here during Chinese New Year. Probably because it's kind of the very few fish noodle shop opened during CNY and also that they sell entirely only fresh that happens to be fresh too, not to forget expensive too. We had 1 fish head bihun soup, 2 dry styled noodles with mixed fish and my tomyam fish head with some fried wantan and fu chuk with fish paste inside, 4 herbal drinks, all costing RM 100!

Tomyam Bihun Soup 

I was so shocked when my Tomyam Bihun Soup arrived in a super large humongous bowl of bihun and the soup looked like it was santan laden to the extent of making it look like curry bihun! Every mouthful I had, was a complaint and regret of ordering this and the cost was RM 48! I could not finish the bihun and also fish which looked like half a big fish! If you are a small eater, I suggest you order this and share with 2 pax.

In future, I have to order the dry style instead and mention "Mixed fish" which would be the normal portion. And the soup is better with salted vegetables and tomato.

Fried Wantan & Fried Fu Chuk 

The fried wantan contained more like flour and paste, fried till crispy and nothing else. The Fu Chuk just tastes normal.

Address: Lorong Hilltop, Taman Far East, 88300 KK, Sabah
Tel: 012 824 8414

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Jin Jin Food Lintas (KK)

Ever since I tried Jin Jin seafood in Sept 2017, I never fail to visit this place whenever I visit KK. This is due to the reasonable price and also delicious food.

Fresh Oysters / Garlic Oysters (RM 8 per piece) 

I believe this is the cheapest oyster in Malaysia and the price would reduce to RM 6 per piece if we order more than 5 pieces. The oyster today comes in humongous shell and fresh. They just steam it with garlic and cili padi.

Si-Ham (RM 26) 

I am not sure how that KK Si-Ham or cockles are so huge and squeezy. It tastes delicious when cooked with Kam Heong sauce.

Perut Ikan (Fish Stomach) (RM 18) 

I have never eaten stir fried fish stomach till I come to KK. It seems the locals here like to eat all sorts of pig and animal organs stir fried/deep fried/cooked with soup. They made this really nicely and fragrant with the deep fried garlic on top.

Chilli Crab (RM 83) 

The crabs here are just awesome, fresh, tasty and most important for the budget conscious as it is cheap at only 3 pieces for RM 83! The sauce was just perfect as it was thick, sweet and sour at once with a lot of egg inside to make it thick. Though earlier I said I didn't want to eat it, I finally ate all the big claws too.

Here Coconut costs RM 4.30 each and the plain rice costs RM 1.50 each. Our total bill came up to RM 226.40 which was reasonable especially for the delicious, fresh meal especially the crabs!


Address: Jin Jin Food Lintas, Blk 1, Ground Floor, Lot 73, Shop No. 18, Lintas Square
Tel: 088-231011

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap (KK)

We always like beef noodles and I personally have not tried it though  I came to KK about 5 times. So this time round, on Chor 1, 1st Day of CNY 2018, we came here for beef

Sabah and East Malaysia is so muhibbah that you can see Muslims eating too

Block B, Lot 14, Kedai Plaza Grand Millenium, Jalan pintas, Jalan Donggongan Penampang 88200 KK Sabah

Papa Kitchen

It seems that we cannot get fed up of KK food as they have many varieties of food here. After coming here 5 times, I finally tried a very special deep fried bihun in omelette and a lot of gravy. One could have different types of toppings from fish to pork or pork organs. I chose the fish (RM 14) one obviously.

Pork Ribs Noodles 

Jonathan had the delicious and tender pork rib noodles.

The Sui Kow (RM 7.50) has century egg and quite special with a lot of ingredients inside.

Address: Lot 1A, MPKK No. 2.0, Grd Floor, Kolam Plaza 1, Off Jalan Lintas
Tel: 014-552 8777

Alu-alu Kitchen

Alu-alu Kitchen has a variety of food all made with organic vegetables, farm fed chicken and seafood. Every year we come here for reunion dinner.

Kailan with Beef 

The kailan is just normal but the difference is cooked with beef which reminds me of some Malay cuisine.

Cuttlefish with Chilli 

The cuttlefish is not like what I thought to be the squid or sotong. The sauce is almost like nyonya sauce and quite tasty.

Steamed Prawns 

The steamed prawns were so tasty, fresh and juicy. Luckily we didn't cancel the order which I almost did as it was rather expensive.

Fish Bak Kut Teh 

The lai mang fish is used to cook bak kut teh which made it very sweet. The fish is very fresh as it was still swimming in the aquarium.

Wasabi Fried Fish 

The wasabi fish was so tasty when I first ate it but this time round I felt like it is too normal and nothing special.

Address: Alu-alu Kitchen, Jalan Kelombong, Kelombong / BDC Industrial Estate, 88450 Kota Kinabalu Sabah