Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rojak/Pasembur @ SS 15

We passed by the famous SS15 rojak many times, but never really tried it before, so on election day 9/5/2018, which was a holiday, we had a try here. Had to queue for about 20 mins for the rojak

The rojak is quite cheap at RM 6 with cuttlefish included! That's even cheaper than fruit rojak! The sauce was truly rich and flavoursome, almost finger-licking good.

The cheapest kuih ever at RM 0.60 per piece and value for money too as the ingredients are rich too! we always make a comeback for the kuih here especially the delicious thin popiah skin with a lot of content inside. The sardine and potato currypuff were also rich too. The sardine is quite spicy too.

It is also refreshing to have the delicious chendol

Owl Espresso Cafe

I thought the Owl Cafe in SS 15 is the same one with the one in Bukit Jalil, but was disappointed when I found out it wasn't. The food variety was very few and later found out there was an Australian cafe beside the medicine shop which we should have gone. This cafe doesn't have much decor either so not sure how they call themselves Owl Cafe. They didn't serve the beautiful flower waffle that the Bukit Jalil cafe serves too. 

Hazelnut Cappuccino 

The cappuccino was not bad like any other cuppa in cafes. 

Aglio Olio 

The Aglio Olio was very plain with shimeji mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and not even bacon. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu 

The Chicken was ok but the bread crumbs was not stuck properly to the chicken. I requested not to have french fries so they gave me coleslaw which to my dismay was laden with mayonaise. 

Address: Jalan SS15/8, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor 

Waterfront Cafe @ Hilton Hotel Kuching

This is my first time staying in Hilton Hotel Kuching as I normally go to Pullman Hotel Kuching. Was here for business trip and the food was quite good but heard from my colleague in the past it was better with japanese sushi for buffet breakfast!

I especially like the yoghurt with dried fruit display below in cocktail glasses.

My other favourite counter at Hilton Kuching which was the special tea / juices.

In East Malaysia, most 4-5 Star Hotels has a Kolo Mee counter and you can usually eat with curry.

Makan Kitchen @ Double Tree by Hilton Melaka

Double Tree by Hilton has myriad of choices for breakfast to the extent that I believe some mat sallehs feel that we Malaysians have a lot to eat at breakfast time. For Americans or westerners, they always have only continental breakfast like cereals, milk, coffee, juices, eggs, sausages and bacons.

Each table is very systematic as they have a pass titled "Hungry" to show that this table is taken. 

Look at the many types of curries like dhal, lamb curry and rendang for your simple roti canai. 

Salad Bar

Nasi Hujan Panas with curries

Curry Mee with loads of ingredients the way I like it

The poached egg (in background) is terrible so I threw it away 

McQuek Satay Celup

I am not sure why but I have always liked Sate Celup. In the past, I remembered queuing up for a long time, almost 30 mins for Capitol Sate Celup and went there twice. This time round I was searching online for a less crowded sata celup and found McQuek's which has only 1 couple eating there besides us. It looks so pathetic, that I didn't want to eat at first and even went to Ban Lee Siang sate celup next door which has lots of people to look at the price which was slightly more expensive at least RM 1.20  vs McQuek which sells at starting price of RM 1.10 per stick. I finally ate till RM 17.90 only. 

On the way back, Job said that most satay celup shops do not change the sauce unless we pay for new sauce. I suddenly feel that I will try not to have satay celup anymore due to hygiene purposes 

Address: McQuek's, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka 

Double Tree by Hilton (Melaka)

It is seldom that Jon wants to travel outstation on long  weekends so when he suddenly suggested we go to Melaka for a short trip, I did not hesitate. We spent quite a lot of time looking for cheaper hotel but the prices were crazy on long weekends especially since it was Merdeka weekend. Since Air bnb price was at RM 285 including all those cleaning fees, we decided to stay in Double Tree by Hilton which faces the sea.

Thank god there was no traffic jam going into Melaka town. When we arrived we had lunch at Nancy's Kitchen peranakan restaurant which thankfully we arrived early otherwise we would have had to queue up.

After lunch, it was too early to check in at 2 pm so we went to the nearby Portuguese Settlement, which looks good during Christmas, but it seems that in the day time, it was quite disappointing and run down for the eateries.

Double Tree by Hilton is located in Hatten City development which consists of Hilton hotel, Hatten City Hotel, Silverscape Residences and Elements Mall (which was quite dilapidated with very few shops).

When we arrived at Double Tree by Hilton at 3.30 pm, the room was not ready yet. But all guests were given 2 WARM giant chocolate macadaemia cookies to enjoy, which was clever thing to do to distract tired and hungry guests.

Since my room was not ready by 3.45 pm, the front desk counter offered to serve us coffee or tea at the lounge. Jon ordered premium fruit tea whereas I had double shot cappuccino which was served with dusk of chocolate powder and sugar stick which looks so cool.

When we went into our Standard Room, I had a pleasant surprise and connected the dots on why I was offered the coffee and tea probably because the arrangement was not ready yet.

I guess Hilton series is the only hotel in Malaysia which has Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries in the standard rooms compared to other 5 Star Hotels like Le Meridien. The only thing we didn't have was a bath tub.

A tour round the facilities area and found the swimming pool doesn't have the sea view like Silverscape Residences and it was just a plain square pool.

Double Tree by Hilton is famous for the Kids Club whereby parents can leave their children here for a few hours to play things like Playstation!

After that, like all tourists, we ventured out to Jonker Walk, whereby we had a hard time getting a grabcar as the town was full of tourists. We waited for about 10-15 mins before finally getting a grabtaxi for RM 16. The female taxi driver was so clever with bypassing the traffic till we reached the river area from the back.

This is the 5 Star Casa De Rio whereby all the washrooms were locked unlike normal 5 Star Hotels so I could not borrow the washroom. The waiter even made me angry when he told me to talk along Jonker Walk to find the washroom and refused to let me use the washroom. The problem about Jonker Walk is the washroom facility!

Satay Time & Chicken Rice at Melaka Chicken Rice Ball Shop 

I guess eating chicken rice in Jonker Walk is not the right thing to do as the rice was so normal and not fragrant, we can get better ones in KL. The chicken is breast meat and so dry.

We didn't know the pork satay and chicken rice ball shops are owned by the same management. The pork satay is just normal, nothing special.

Saturday Night Market along Jonker Walk 

The food sold from stall to stall are similar and all are super expensive catered for tourists. Simple watermelon juice from the fruit itself costs RM 10.


After walking through the entire stretch of night market, we finally ate grilled scallops and most expensive and hard fried chicken wings for a whopping RM 4 per piece! The scallop was too small,  and just looks more with the glass noodles. Nothing great but expensive at RM 25 for 2 pieces!

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast at Makan Kitchen Buffet, we went to Sky Deck 360 at the 44th Floor, which is accessible through Elements Mall, and being hotel guests, we could go up for free instead of paying for RM 15 tickets. The view would have been awesome had it been night when we went up but yesterday, we came back too late after dinner and traffic jam.

After much coaxing, these photos were produced! Unfortunately, I lost the photos of me inside the tower bistro.