Monday, December 30, 2019

Betjeman & Barton

I have always been fascinated by Betjeman & Barton when they were actively being posted as THE PLACE FOR HIGH TEA. I went to Pavillion Mall on 25/12/2019 and chanced upon this cafe which happen to be having a weekday promotion of RM29 for a selection of small snacks with a pot of tea.

I ordered the Hanami Tea and had Francais Chicken Waffle Set (RM29) which turned out to be the best waffle I ever had but don't go there on an empty stomach. I am very particular about waffle after all.

The chocolate waffle was crispy unlike those in other cafes. The icing on the cake was definitely the bull's eye egg which I reminded them to make it such a way.

Details: Address: Original Market in Philippines 

Bahtera Santai @ Penang

It was the last night of Alimah and Azlina in Penang and they decided to give mum a treat for bringing them out the entire day so we had Ikan Bakar along the sea. We surveyed every single cafe but some were so crowded that we were afraid so we went to the least crowded one which regretfully, took a long time to serve the food, like almost 30-45 mins! Even the drinks took a long time.

I guess my skin was allergic to beach as I had a lot of mosquito bites every time i go to the beach/forest. Nevertheless, I persisted since my skin was always sensitive anyway.


We were shocked to see the bill, as we thought Malay seafood is normally cheaper. The worst was that we thought we ordered Siakap Bakar for RM30 but it turned out to be Jenahak Bakar which cost RM54! The Sotong Goreng Tepung (Fried Octopus in Flour) cost RM24 which was ok for 6 pieces, few big prawns cost RM34, Kerang/Cockles (RM10) but they were so tiny I could not open it at all.

The solace lies in the tasty food. The entire bill came up to RM134.30 which to me was expensive but they said this is normal price for seafood.

Address: Lot Petak A, 6, Ikan Bakar Batu Uban


It was the first time for me to have a meal with Auntie Mei Lay in Penang after hearing mum talk so much about her as she is one of her best friend! When I met her, I totally found out why Mei Lay was so fun, as she is so young in her mindset and takes photos like a pro, finding the light very skilfully, knowing how to pose well, get the most suitable background, and is such a foodie, dines with style in an instagrammable way (meaning, totally the same version of me). She was also outgoing! The only difference with me is that she could go to the same cafe 4 times in the matter of 2 months' of Nov-Dec!

The interior has 2 storeys in the old colonial houses in Penang Georgetown, with the upstairs having a lot of natural air streaming through the glass in the roof that allows for photography. The ground floor looks like a typical bar.

The food is also quite reasonable and has a good mix of pizza, burrito, pasta, big breakfast etc. The only downside is the carpark beside charges RM8 per entry for the night.

Lavender Matcha Freddo 

This matcha latte is not bad as I did remind them not to put in too much milk. They also used Matcha powder but I didn't taste any lavender at all. It was unique at being shaken cold so quite worth the price of RM14.90.

Coffee Espresso Chicken 

This is my favourite of all the food eaten as they serve genuine cup of espresso as the dip for the grilled chicken which was cooked in cream sauce earlier.

In House Sandwich

It looks quite tasty and big portion. It was supposed to come with fries but we requested for more salad which they served with balsamic sauce which is healthier.

Salmon Steak
The grilled salmon came in quite a large portion and beautifully made till juicy and not grilled till dry.

Turkey Ham Strips 

This is another of my favourite snack or titbits albeit a bit unhealthy as deep fried till super crispy. After all, we always want to have tasty food to make it worthwhile for the calorie intake.


The carbonara was pretty with the bull's eye egg in the middle on the thick sauce with ham and also mushrooms. Simple but you can see the ingredients in the eye which makes it appetising!

As for my OOTD, it was quite wrong to wear my new dark brown dress as it kind of blended into the wood.

Women's shoot:

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Address: 67, Lorong Love, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Phone: 019-524 7703