Sunday, January 24, 2016

Raku Pizza

Before my show, "Big Shorts" at TGV Sunway Pyramid, I thought of eating at Subang Jaya SS15 as I was already fed up of eating at Sunway Pyramid where I was going back and forth all the while last 2 weeks. Since I have always wanted to try Raku Pizza which serves Japanese pizza, I had no qualms about trying this afternoon. After all, it was so sizzling hot so I did not want to take too many rounds around.

The whole cafe is manned by 2 immigrants which caused the beverage to be horrible. The beverages are just a string of fancy names with terrible taste.

Honey Yuzu Latte (RM 8)

When the latte came, I was shocked at the amount of foam on top, as though there is bubble bath on top. I digged out all the foam aside. I found out that at the bottom was just the citrus pieces from the bottle. I did not finish drinking this though I am not the type to waste food.

Strawberry Mint Soda (RM 8)

The soda was keyed in as strawberry flavour but turned out to be apple soda because the waiter was confused. Normal and not much flavours inside.

Edo Samurai (RM 12.90)

This contains chicken karaage with bonito flakes and Japanese mayonaise and shredded seaweed. The crust is not what I have expected for Japanese pizza.

Hokkaido Caterpillar (RM 16.90)

This is actually soft shell crab on top of the pizza with similar ingredients as the other pizzas. I like the soft shell crab a lot.

Address: No. 80 Ground Floor, Jalan SS15/4D 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor
Tel: 03 56312188

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