Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hungry Bunch

I was drawn by the advertisement of pancake for only RM 3 and went in. It is typical customer's attitude, come on!

Surprisingly, as a cafe in a shopping mall, the F&B here is quite cheap, which explains why the place is so full of people and it took so long for the food to arrive.

Club Sandwich (RM 12)

OK, my friend ordered this because I told him he needs to adopt a healthier eating diet to slim down. I mean, come on, why eat deep fried items all the time?

The Club Sandwich is average. It came with 3 layers of creamy and mayonaise-ladden ham, salad lettuce, and cheese. The bread is a little soggy.

This is the first time that I eat French Fries that are not only soggy but has a weird smell and are black. Of course there is no such thing as charcoal fries! I asked the waiter and they said it is like that originally.

Mint Ade (RM 6) 

The Mint Ade is just average, something like fresh peppermint leaves and soda or sprite and some sugar syrup.

Strawberry Pancake (RM 3) 

Seriously, the receipt proved this fact but I challenge you to order this and bite through the pancake. You would soon realize you are biting through cardboard pancake, which is so hard, compared to even the cheapest pancake mix you get from the supermarket. I am a person who hates wasting food but this time round, I am so sorry I had to do this. The only edible thing is the strawberry and the melted ice-cream.

No offense on my comments above but then again perhaps the other food are ok as it was probably not my lucky day?


Address: Hungry Bunch, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, F1.75, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway 46150 PJ Selangor 

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