Saturday, October 21, 2017

Little Korea @ Jaya Shopping Centre

Every time I have something to do in Section 14, and if I didn't have Korean food recently, I will definitely visit Little Korea as they have incredibly cheap lunch sets. This time round I went with Jonathan to Jaya Shopping Centre on a Saturday to watch Kingsman at TGV. 

Ginseng Chicken 

This is my first time ordering this here, as I wanted to try something different. Also, there was a promotion for this. A table beside us, the couple each ordered the ginseng chicken whereas for us, we rarely order the same thing together so we can try more varieties! The soup is just so-so.

Grilled Chicken 

Somehow, it is the first time I eat Korean food whereby the presentation looks so simple, almost like chap fan (mixed rice) and doesn't look so tasty. Well, presentation is always important to make the food look appetising. It comes with 3 banchans that are Korean bean sprouts, ikan bilis and the ubiquitous kimchi. 

The good thing about eating here is they always give complimentary Korean steamed egg which is expensive if ordered separately and would always cost RM 15. 

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