Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chye Seng Foo Coffee Shop

 People of yesteryear, would look at the word "coffee shop" as a place of low value and somewhere very hot and stuffy. It would not come to mind a place like Chye Seng Foo which sells F&B at high prices of at least RM 15 and above for food. The price of food was affordable but it means portions were really small.

We had to do two turns as the cafe was located at the roadside but one needs to go through the housing area to reach.

Moreover, it is an upscale and trendy place where a lot of youngsters frequent. I even saw a guy who endlessly look for instagrammable spots for taking photos of his food and drinks. I mean he was crazier than me in that terms.

The only difference is unlike other cafes which have free water, they don't serve any for free and you need to order mineral water at RM 2.

Lychee Meatball Rice (RM 15) 

This is one of the unique menu here where they serve rice with lychee, sunny-side up and delicious meatballs. In fact, though I am not a fan of meatball, I find it funny that I actually like the meatball which was tender and slightly crispy on the outside. The mixture of sweetness from the lychee, pineapple and little drizzle of sweet and sour sauce was just nice.

Piglet Bolognese Pasta (RM 15) 

The pasta is just simple, and taste like homemade sauce with carrot, celery, sunny-side-up and also 2 pieces of bacon.They also gave fettucine instead of the common spaghetti.

 Houjicha Latte (RM 12) 

The Houjicha latte is to die for as it was very thick with hojicha. I really could not take it when the smell of milk is overpowering for matcha.

Berry Cheesecake

The frozen cheese cake is not bad, not too cheesy as I am not a cheesecake fan. Initially I had problem trying to decide to order this or the matcha chiffon which is popular here. The cheese cake had blueberry in the middle and surrounded by fresh fruits as garnishing which is what makes it unique here.

Address: Chye Seng Foo Coffee Shop, No. 268, Jalan Cheras, Batu 2 1/2, 56100 Kuala Lumpur Cheras
Tel: 0173907896

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