Sunday, January 17, 2016

myElephant Thai @ Happy Mansion

Till now, after trying several thai restaurants around PJ area, I and many PJ residents are adamant that Elephant Thai serves one of the best Thai food in many varieties.

We came her at 11.50 am for an early lunch with Singaporean colleagues as there is another meeting later. We ordered at least 5 dishes whereby the bill came up to about RM 160.

I think they are one of the only Thai restaurants that serve brown rice which makes it very healthy to eat here.

Pomelo Salad 

The price is less than RM 20 and yet there are so much pomelo inside served with fried shallots, spring onions, a lot of peanuts and a few prawns. The tangy feel makes it a great appetizer.

Green Curry Chicken 

Am I allowed to repeat the word "one of the best" again? Anyway, people should never be stingy with praises. The chicken is tender whereas the curry has enough flavour and spice without tasting like we have just poured a lot of milk or santan inside that would have diluted it. Luckily it didn't end up tasting like the super creamy green curry chicken I had in Chiang Mai.

Tomyam Seafood 

When the tomyam came, I almost fainted looking at the sheer size of the large bowl! It was kind of my first time seeing such a large bowl of tomyam containing seafood inside with big prawns. octopus, fish and thai green beans.


If I were not mistaken, this costs RM 16.90. The paku-pakis were fresh, raw and deliciously cooked with belacan.

Deep-fried Squid 

The squid was done just right and goes well with sweet Thai chilli. The squid lacks the crispiness but then it was ok when we were hungry.

Address: CG-4 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13Petaling Jaya 46300, MalaysiaTel: 6-010-2201283

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