Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Manicure

I did not have a manicure for so long. The last time I had was one for RM 40 with a China Chinese lady who drew simple flowers before I went to Redang in July 2015. That was my first manicure and today marks my second manicure in life. I did this after doing my first pedicure in life at the nearby pedicurist in Taman Sri Manja, where I also usually do my eyebrows every fortnightly.

Earlier, I kept my fingernails clean in order to do my nails in Krabi for Christmas as I heard that it is cheap to do it there but it seems that it is difficult to either find a good quality one or the professional manicurist in Thailand charges more than RM 100-200 for this. The non-professional ones do not know how to communicate and shakes their head for any simple design.

I am one person who is super lazy to search for Nail Images, anyway, sometimes when you have searched too complicated ones, the manicurist will either say that it costs more expensive. So last night my colleague told me that she was going to find her manicurist friend from cell group, Michel in BU and I asked for the contact too. 

What do you think?
She initially wanted to paint white for the rose but I did not want to end up having it look like my toe nails which had super light shiny pink base with white flowers which meant, finally nothing can be seen from far. I specified to Michel I wanted the rose and design to be seen from 5 km away (kidding)! I kind of like the finishing too. I also suggested she put green leaves for my rose design.

How about the most important question - COST? RM 60 for basic gel manicure and RM 30 for simple design. RM 6 per finger for more complicated designs and RM 7 per finger for 3D design. She is very professional as she has started her manicure business even before gel manicure trend started. She is also super flexible and able to accommodate any design you give to her and also the colours you want. 

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