Monday, January 4, 2016

The Hound

There are a few coffee hangout places in OUG, just that we have to have some luck in searching while driving or read the few blogs that talk about this.

This place is conveniently located above a medicine shop, Kedai Ubata Ban Kar Sing which is strategically located along the main road for Taman OUG.

As per written in the blogs and in reality, the customers can bring in their dogs.

I saw a super hyperactive beagle, OK, I mistaken it for a hound, and thought it belongs to the owner. It was the most busybody hound ever as it tailed every dog in the place and chased and played with the dogs there. It kept sniffing very loudly due to its excitement. I have never seen any dog like that. It shifted attention from a shih tzu to a bulldog and hound. Later I found out it belongs to a male owner who came all the way from Cheras to this place for the first time. I guess his dog was elated at the chance of meeting so many other dogs in a cafe. I thought it would grow bigger to a the size of a rottweiler but the owner said that was his maximum size.

There is another enclosure where the dogs can drink some water and owners can relax with them. Since the windows are opened for ventilation here, I presume it is a smoking zone. The beagle owner finally locked him together with the owner inside this area to prevent it from disturbing the other customers.

Me and my friend ordered Cappuccino for only RM 10. The taste is strong enough. I guess Cappuccino is the bare minimum for me as flat white that I had the day before was not strong enough.

We sat at a cosy chaise sofa lounge at the corner which is good for chatting and hanging out. The beagle and bulldog was playing so much that they knocked the wooden table over. 

I did not order any cake because seemed to have too many Mille Crepe Cake the night before and thought a diet from sweet items is good for my calorie for the new year. I did not order Creme Burlee because I am not much of a fan of creamy food.

Address: 44-A, Jalan Hujan Emas 4, Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur

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