Saturday, January 23, 2016

Good Golly Miss Molly

A group of my colleagues who are smokers like this place a lot simply because of the easy parking and also open air balcony area for them to eat and smoke without going to the old stuffy kopitiam.

We came here to celebrate my friend, Angeline's birthday, which I owed her a week ago.

I love the quote written with chalk outside "Money can't buy happiness but it can buy coffee which is pretty close."

Here they serve the coffee at drinking temperatures of 65-70 degrees celcius and we have to ask the waiter to make it hotter if we want. I missed this sign so my coffee cooled down fast.

The place is very small with tiny tables here and there to maximise the space constraint.

I ordered a Cappucino for about RM 11-14. I am not sure of the price because it was written in the receipt which my colleague took. The coffee is quite alright. I like the fact that the Iranian barista made each foam design different, eg. mine and Angeline's were heart-shaped whereas my other friend got one that look like a lady.

 Rachel's Flat White 

 My cappuccino 

Angeline's Hot Chocolate 

Angeline's hot chocolate has a big heart on top, that is perfectly made. They are famous for this but I did not try it.

The chicken chop has a very small portion but it definitely looks good and healthy with broccoli instead of the common mayonaise overloaded salad.

Chicken Spaghetti (RM 11-12) 

The spaghetti is simple with bolognaise sauce but it is thick enough to engulf every single strand of spaghetti. Can you believe it that my friend Angeline was so loyal that she ate this two days in a row?

Chicken Risotto (RM 15) 

I believe this is the cheapest risotto I have ever eaten so far. There was so much cheese inside cooked together with the rice and many pieces of fried chicken.

Address: Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly
G-005 Ground Floor, Millennium Square, Jalan 14/1, Petaling Jaya
Open noon-8pm 

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