Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thai Express

We were trying to find dinner place at Jaya Shopping Centre and ended up eating here again though I was not that keen to eat here. After all, the price here is the most reasonable among all the other restaurants at the top level in this mall. This is the third time I come here. The second time was with another friend whereby we ate white tom yam served in very small portion and lacking the spiciness and sourness of tomyam and the kangkung being too sweet. Anyway we came here because my friend wanted to fulfill craving of beef noodle soup. I think the only edible food here is the curry with chapati.

The Beef Noodle Soup at about RM 17.90 was something I have never seen before with the soup being too dark as though they poured the whole bottle of black dark sauce inside. The few thin pieces of beef were just normal. I prefer Vietnamese Pho in any vietnamese stall or cafe. My friend poured the whole plate of dried chilli flakes inside and ate till he was sweating all over.

I had the Siamese Laksa with green curry for about the same price of the beef noodles. The curry had too much santan and I am not a milk person and am too health conscious. There were potatoes, brinjals, carrot and chicken inside. The rice flour noodles were hardened and crumped or balled together.

The Thai Herbal Drink (RM 6.90) : Has a little weird taste for my friend but for me it was quite ok just that it was a little sour.

Details: Address: Lot 3-15, Jalan Semangat Section 14, Level Three, Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ 46100 Malaysia

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