Sunday, January 3, 2016

Caffe Bene @ Sunway Pyramid

Well, this is my second time here, this time round with my parents. This time round we came due to my 20% voucher.

I ordered the Strawberry Bingsu, to be shared. The stawberries and blueberries were juicy and syrupy. The shaved ice is also smooth. The strawberry gelato on top of the bingsu was a delight for any little girl, just that my father happened to like strawberry flavour too.

The Dark Chocolate 'volcano' which costs RM 14.90 and above was rich and sinful, and having it sink into my teeth, I swore that I must not let the toothfairy know of this crime of mine. The burst of chocolate in the mouth, is something every girl needs. The best part is their ability to make it without the creamy taste of most cakes and pastries, something I welcome very much. 

Now you know why people, young and old, families included, like to turn Cafe Bene into a hang out spot what with cold a/c and also tasty food to boot.


Address: Lot OB5, G-2 Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor,Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

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