Saturday, January 16, 2016

Enorme Italian Restaurant at PJ Centrestage

I kind of run out of places to dine in the vicinity of my office. What I mean is places that I have never been are running out.

This restaurant is located in Centrestage, in the same row with The Ship.

The ambience is very laidback with the walls in black and abstract paintings.

Zuppa Di Mare (RM 38.68) 

Luckily this soup did not have any cream inside otherwise my friend would not be able to drink this. The soup is quite ok with a lot of seafood inside such as octopus, clams and 2 big prawns. There is a piece of really hard bread to eat with. This is definitely the most expensive soup I have ever had.

Carre Di Malale (RM 53.77) 

I never really like pork but this pork is definitely something different. The pork meat is very succulent and juicy to the extent of the juices flowing out when we sliced it open. There is a special lentil which I initially mistaken for rice, but turned out to be barley underneath. The grains are very smooth. The blend of pepper on top is nicely balanced. The grilled juicy tomato is very delicious to be eaten together.

My friend had a Guinness Draft (RM 15.09) whereas I had Midnight Kiss (RM 35.85) which was just normal with Vodka and Caracao. I did not finish the cocktail because I had a headache.

Though the opening hours is till 12 am, as written in some blogs, the restaurant waiters switched off the a/c and chased us out at 11 pm.

Enorme Italian Restaurant
Ground Floor, PJ Centrestage, Jalan 13/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open 10am-12am daily

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