Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Good Batch for New Year 2016

Coming here makes me reminisce about my last New Year 2015 whereby me and another single friend attempted to come here for New Year lunch which falls on a weekday, at 1 pm. We were too late as there was a long queue outside and me being the principled person who never queue up for anything, moved to Frisson Cafe a few shops nearby which turned out to be a disaster with hardened baked eggs that are not runny and also coffee with the heart shape incomplete that kinda caused me to be heartbroken the whole year through.

So I guess it was safer to come here on 2 Jan 2016. Initially I was worried of the queue but it seems that most customers patronize this place for brunch and lunch due to the amazing brunch and all-day breakfast menu.

The interior is very simple, similar to most coffee places but the cocktails here have price labels of RM 25 above. There was  a deal of RM 60 for 3 cocktails.

We ordered the Cranberry Juice (RM 8) and also Marrakesh Mint Tea (RM 9). The hot tea is just a white mug with the tea sachet but the tea is very fragrant and of top quality.

Angmoh (RM 29)

This is actually a big breakfast, named in a cute way. It consists of a lot of food such as a small bowl of canned beans, tender sausage, 2 pieces of ham, tiny chopped potato wedges (ok, this is the first time I see people dicing the potato wedges which made me like this place even more!), fresh mushrooms, half a baked tomato, a slice of baguette which is made without oil in sight, and runny scrambled eggs done just the way I like it. If you like big breakfast, then this is THE PLACE.

Portobello Road (RM 25) 

This is a very special dish because I expected the mushrooms to be served just like that, without thinking that they would serve the mushrooms on top of hashbrowns and having runny egg benedict on top of the mushrooms. What an awesome combo for a person like me who loves every item involved in the combination! The mushroom is large, sweet and juicy and cooked without an overload of olive oil. There is also a special mustard and parsley sauce on top of these and fresh non-sweet blueberry at the side. I never thought people eat blueberry with this but it is amazing - not sweet or sour, just perfect. When the runny yolk burst out, it was akin to the burst of happiness for me.

Norwegian (RM 25) 

I was busy browsing the entire menu for the Egg Benedict that The Good Batch is famous for and finally asked the waitress who pointed to this. There were fish roe, followed by cheese, salmon, egg benedict and lastly, toasted baguette from top to bottom. When the egg benedict popped, it signifies the fireworks in myself, whereby I have been living my 2-3 years dreaming of coming here, but always having a challenge to come to this place like my friend thinking it was too expensive etc. I have harnessed that dream ever since I saw The Good Batch published in a local residential newspaper featuring food outlets in Solaris.

I am coming back here for the popular coffee using Fei Hong Beans was tonight I do not want to risk having insomnia. Also since, I was going to Nadeje later, I stopped myself from ordering the banana cake or lychee cake which looks amazing.

The service was very good from the waiter and waitress who attentively poured plain water for us.


Address: No. 53, Jalan SS21/1A, Damasara Utama, Selangor, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10 am - 1 am 

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