Sunday, January 17, 2016

mySari Sari

Have you ever heard of filipino economy rice in Malaysia? Well, I haven't till I saw this Filipino cafe in Millenium Condo, perhaps opened by one of the residents there.

My colleague Angeline decided to treat me today so I thought I did not want to spend too much of her money by coming here.

Eating here bears nostalgic memories of my holiday in the Philippines after my Form 5 and 6.

Of course I can never let go of my favourite eggplant omelette whereby the Filipinas would place on the stove and the top of the eggplant is still intact. They did not overburn the omelette.
 There was also a flat fried fish which is also quite ok, reminds me of the fish mum used to cook to go with porridge.

My friend loves pork so she chose the pork sausage which was just ok for me as I do not fancy pork sausages that much.

The pork sausage wrapped in omelette is a particular favourite which I have just discovered today.

Kare-Kare is a very special dry Filipino peanut curry consisting of pork and long beans.

There was also the creamy avocado juice with chocolate sauce.

I ate so much that I felt full till dinner! I felt sorry that the economy rice costs RM 40 much for being thought to be "economical" as the food were placed in the open. Oops!

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