Sunday, January 3, 2016

Paradise Inn @ Sunway Pyramid

Coming here makes me and mum reminisce about our times here with someone long ago. Mother has some superstition so she insisted that we do not sit near the wall, somewhere I like to sit at usually.

The food here is quite pricey but not as pricey as fine dining but of course, too pricey for our budget. So I just ordered the items with lower prices. The cutlery and cockery are very shiny and beautiful all in god and black design that makes it exquisite. 

The service here is impeccable to the extent of the burmese waitress keying in the words, "Less Oil" as per my request for my food though it still turned out to be oily for us. At least she took the effort. The waiters kept pouring our Guan Yin tea (RM 14 for 4 pax) for us too. 

3 bowls of rice cost RM 6, Peanuts for RM 3 and towels for RM 2.40. These miscellaneous items cost RM 11.40 which is unnecessary spending. 

Pork Belly with Lotus Bun (RM 11.80 for 2 pieces, RM 5.60 each) 

I always like to order this type of dish ever since I tried a similar one but the vegetarian version at Olive Vegetarian restaurant in Section 17. The pork belly is like a sliver of goodness plus sin for me as I am on a diet. I for one, was a Pork Hater and used to pick ever single morsel of pork in my food to the extent that my friend  jokingly called me a non-Chinese, but then again, what's so great about pork? I still never like minced pork and still pick every morsel out of my plate but this pork belly, was so inviting that I made it a once-in-a-while eating item. After all, most of the time I do not eat pork and it's no harm eating a little, especially when it looks so salivating to me, with the pork marination sauce dripping off the meat when I tried to sneak it in between the soft sliced lotus bun. Pork heaven? Perhaps? 

 Smoke Coffee Pork Ribs (RM 22.90) 

OK, fancy me ordering another pork dish? Can I assure you by saying that actually ever since I joined my colleagues for lunch and dinner gatherings which involved da chao, I learnt to eat deep fried pork ribs and developed a unique liking (in my record of eating) to deep fried pork ribs cooked with marmite, butter and etc sauce that makes the result fragrant. Mum did not like this and thought of this as weird but being a coffee lover, I was addicted to coffee taste on my meat. It is like having rose perfume on your most hated item. I guess coffee is a perfect camouflage in this case. The pork ribs turned out to be so fragrant from all the coffee.

Tea-Smoked Duck (RM 14.90) 

I have always liked duck cooked in thin slices, smoked the Western way instead of the Chinese Duck Rice method. Though I could not admit having tasted any tea taste, I still liked the duck with lightly drizzled sauce on top. It would have gone well with the paper wraps for Vietnamese food and also salad wrap. 

Steamed Fillet Garoupa (RM 35.90) 

We rarely order fish at a Chinese restaurant due to the exorbitant price. After consideration, it is much more worth the money to order big whole steamed fish at the local kopitiam as it would cost almost RM 100 to do this here. The fish is not that soft, probably due to the breed. There are black fungus, with lots of soup and also parsley for this dish. 

Drumstick Mushrooms and Chick Peas (RM 24.90) 

This dish comes served with chick peas that are blanched beforehand and looks so fresh and crispy, The mushrooms are the more expensive type and has high quality. The dish is shiny due to too much oil used. I secretly hoped it is olive oil. 

Bean Sprouts with Vercimelli (RM 16.90) 

Since we were still hungry, I ordered this dish as I like bean sprouts and glass noodles a lot. I mistaken it for being glass noodles but it turned out to be bihun. Anyway, thank god there were a of ingredients so I did not complain though we were all awe-struck at how small the plate was. 


Food: RM 152.70
10% Service Charge : RM 15.27 
6% GST: RM 10.68 


OB3, LG1 & 1.8, Lower Ground One, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10 am - 10 pm 

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