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Day 2 - 12 April 2018 : Kyoto : Kiyomizu-dera

We had a very good sleep in the Air Bnb and woke up early at 7 am and walked out to the corner local cafe for a very hearty breakfast whereby it was the worthwhile and tastiest breakfast of the entire trip there.

Breakfast - Yayoiken Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi 

Eating in Japanese cafe is a very unique restaurant whereby they have vending machine for purchasing and payment. This is our first experience with a vending machine moreover, in a small cafe.

There are so many side dishes for the bento set as below at 790 Yen which included beef, saba and potato cake

Jon ordered the grilled salmon breakfast set at 530 Yen

Since last night I saw some posting of my friends who also went to Kyoto for holiday with her husband and she wore the kimono, I was thinking why not I try searching for kimono rental service. Initially found one inside Kyoto Tower but they said that they were fully booked for walk in. I was disappointed and then just continued our journey to Kiyomizu-dera, trying to convince myself probably the kimono would be an inconvenience in walking.

Here is the steps on how to get to Kiyomizu-dera, using public transport.

Right opposite Kyoto Tower is the bus station, so,

- Take Bus No. 100 or 206A from Kyoto Station to Gojo-zaka Bus Stop (7 stops)
- Walk from Gojo-zaka Bus Stop to Gojo-zaka Kiyomizu-dera Entrance (2 mins)

It seems that the moment our bus reached Kiyomizu-dera, I spotted a kimono rental centre but there was no one manning it. So I proceeded to walk elsewhere searching for another and found to my delight, Yume Kyoto Kimono Rental Gojo Shop (
which is quite big and located on top of a bungalow. There were quite a few tourists there too. It seems to be what I saw in google search last night.

I chose the cheaper version at about 8100 Yen in total, breakdown of 3500 Yen (inclusive of accessories like cloth handbag, sandals and socks) and additional 3000 Yen for hairstyling. I was quite hesitant about proceeding with it as it was quite expensive but then again, when would I do it again? Secondly, we can pay a small fees of about 1000 Yen ++ for them to send my clothes to the other Yume Store I chose, for me, it would be the end of journey at Gion. This is more convenient than finding back the original store which is off the journey. Also, the price covers full day rental till 5.45 pm

They even gave us the above photo as hard copy souvenir upon returning the kimono at the end of the day.

Along the streets of Kiyozimera-dera and walking from Kiyomizu-dera to Sannen-zaka & Ninen-zaka, there are many souvenir stores and also shops selling desserts and all sorts of snacks.

Trying the famous green tea matcha puff which cost 300 yen which was so absurd and expensive for something so small, and even more disappointing, not crispy at all!

Entering Kiyomizu-dera

Entrance fees costs 460 Yen  per person

View from the top

Prize of the beautiful view when you reach the top

We hiked up more and found our love for greenery

Continue walking along Sannen-zaka & Ninen-zaka, which is filled with unique alley with works of art


They are famous for this dessert of transparent jelly

Having our first Sake Soft Serve Japanese ice-cream in our lives

The strong sake taste is just addictive

Now we are hungry and searching for a lunch place which is reasonably priced

Soba with Seafood Claypot (1300 Yen) 

Chicken Tamago Don (980 Yen)

It was just amazing, Eating from the claypot burnt my tongue several times as it was piping hot

The front of the traditional restaurant whereby it was so busy with patrons. Half of the restaurant is tatami style whereas the other part is with normal table. In Japan, you cannot share your food but every pax must order one main dish item. 
 After lunch, we walked towards Gion

Japanese Geisha spotted 

Starbucks here is the most popular as it is one of the only ones with tatami and can overlook the Kiyozumidera streets and one has to queue up to enter. The prices are quite expensive too. After queuing for a while, I gave up as I worried there would not be good seats upstairs and also too full from lunch.


Maruyama Park 

Initially before I came, this park is the highlight from all the beautiful photos I saw online for the autumn and spring feel, but this time I was disappointed again probably because there was some construction.

The only Sakura tree in the park

In Japan, spring season is wonderful to be spent on low picnic tables below sakura trees

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