Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tokyo Teppan

I have not been here for a long time. I think the last time I came here was with my ex-boyfriend, or so,  I it must have been a godzillion years.

Anyway, since my friend asked me to recommend a place here at Tokyo Street to eat fast, this seems to be the only one with the price a little reasonable. This restaurant is also child-friendly with the baby chairs provided for babies and the plastic cutlery included.

Teppanyaki seems to be the popular thing here since the name itself has the word "teppan".

Since we were too busy choosing food and talking, sorry I did not have much time to record down the names and prices of the food and it was a treat, so I could not take the receipt.

The Scallop Bento 

The photo has 1 scallop missing so there were initially 6 huge scallops cooked Teppanyaki style which are tender and fresh.

The teppanyaki stir fry cabbage and bean sprouts were delicious too. It was not too salty like how most people like to cook teppanyaki. There is also crispy fried sliced garlic that is fried till super crispy.

The small bowl of garlic rice is also fragrant. I think it was gazillion years ago that I ate garlic rice in my life. The last time I recall eating it was when I was a child in a japanese cafe near my house. At that time, even the set lunch at Japanese restaurants at the mall, had garlic rice as a package.

There were 2 small pieces of cold salmon as appetizer which was quite ok. At least it doesn't have a weird taste.

A slice of orange is served with each bento that costs about RM 37-39.

The chawanmushi is smooth with 2 slices of my favourite black mushrooms and a piece of tender chicken.

The salad with mango style or citrus taste sauce was amazing and something different compared to the conventional salad with sesame sauce.

Giant Squid (RM 27.60) 

My friend's mother like squid a lot, and so do I but I refrained from ordering this due to the expensive cost involved. The squid is not as rubbery as the normal ones. There is a clever touch of chopped radish on top to make the squid less heaty. At the corner is a small dollop of mayonaise to be dipped. It is clever to put the mayonaise away because people like me do not like mayonaise much.

Bento with Sushi and Seafood Teppanyaki (RM 37-39) 

There are salmon, cuttlefish, maguro, sweet beancurd and also california roll with avocado and crabstick filament. Also included are 2 pieces of tamago.

The teppanyaki consists of octopus, chicken and salmon. I truly like the chicken teppanyaki which is tender and soft. The salmon was just ok.

Details: Level 6, Pavilion 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur 

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