Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tokyo Kitchen at One City USJ

I thought I did not want to eat at Tokyo Kitchen because I have a habit that once i have dined at a particular restaurant even the branch, I would not pay a second visit unless you have a lot of varieties. This time round, we just finished watching Star Wars : The Force Awakens at One City on 28 Dec 2015, as the other mainstream mall cinemas may not have a good seat for this blockbuster. Since we were still full from our late lunch of duck rice, but I have still a little hunger pang, we opted for a small set.

We ordered the Salmon Burger with Curry Udon (RM 29.80)

It was the first time for me to eat Salmon Burger which was not bad. The salmon meat is fresh and tender yet not too oily like the one at Fat Boys or Fat Man or even Tony Romas. There are shredded purple cabbage and cucumber too.

The mini udon with curry  is very clear with beancurd and some seaweed and Japanese fishcake. The curry is just nice, not too thick, a little diluted but most importantly, minus the powdery taste of curry powder.

The soft tofu-like deep fried tofu whereby the deep frying still retained the softness of the tofu, was simply amazing.

I love the salad with non-creamy sauce. I always like Japanese salads because there is no thousand island or mayonaise but sesame sauce or non-fattening Japanese salad dressing.

The Chawanmushi and miso soup are also delicious.


Address: One City (Lot D-GF-06), Jalan USJ 25/147100 Subang JayaSelangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-5115 0056

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