Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dreamz Bakery & Cafe

Most people on social media already knew my hobby lies in taking photoshoots in instagrammable cafes. Since yesterday I failed to achieve this at 2D bubble milk tea cafe which had a real crew photoshoot going on, I decided to come here, since it was rare that I come all the way to Kota Damansara.

After all, I have always wanted to come here ever since my intern, Ee Peng recommended the place to me but somehow never did, perhaps due to the distance.

When we arrived, there was only 1 table available, designed the Japanese way of seating on tatami. The wall has some dried flowers decoration. All in all, the cafe was very busy at 2 pm, with kids and family due to the tasty and beautiful cakes. Nowadays, most themed cafes sell cakes made by vendors, and normally, instagrammable places look pretty but the food rarely taste that great.

Sambal Chicken Rice (RM 19.50) 

We were so hungry as it was already 2 pm so we ordered rice item which to our surprise, was as dainty as the other food items here. The presentation is very pretty, especially on a pink plate but the portion was too small to fill the stomach of a hungry person or of a man. the bluish rice was tastefully creatively paired with homemade potato chips, healthy salad, and non spicy tomato-based chicken chopped into small pieces instead of the normal way of serving 1 big chunk of chicken.

Lavender Latte (RM 13) 

The Lavender latte was fragrant with smell of lavender infused with honey on top. It was beautifully presented in a deep ice-cream glass.


Jasmine Black Forest Cake (RM 15) 

The taste of jasmine is just evident and they really go all out in ensuring beauty inside ou. In fact, it is one of the rare occasions, that cakes appear prettier on the inside than the outside which is plain chocolate based. Even the cherries were fresh, and you can feel the chunks when you bite into it.

Another important factor when you eat the cakes, is that it doesn't have overload of cream of any kind, which deters me from eating cakes in most bakeries. So eating their cakes is just addictive as there is no cream to make you feel too full.

Dreamz Puff Waffle with Ice-Cream (RM 19) 

I am someone very particular when it comes to ice-cream and this is just superb! The best part is that compared to other waffle shops or cafes, they give you the liberty to choose from their homemade ice-cream flavours as wild as earl grey, rose etc!

I totally fell in love with the smooth and fragrant earl grey ice-cream which has is in the shape of a popsicle! The waffle is also a little crispy on the sides, and doesn't have too much pastry and soft.

Guess the success of Dreamz lies in serving the food flavours in the strong form!

Price wise, a bit steep, but then again, you pay for the presentation and most importantly, taste! Art is expensive after all! But did I mention, there is no service charge or SST? 

Definitely making a comeback to try the Tiramisu Ice-Cream Cake and also Earl Grey Chocolate Cake! Oh, and the cute Japanese chicken in tray! 

Address: Dreamz Bakery & Cafe, No. 32-1, The Strand, Jalan PJU5/200, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-2003441 

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