Monday, January 4, 2016

An Viet

We were here at Gardens Mall to visit the Mid Valley International Food exhibition and as usual, I felt the urge to find somewhere special for brunch. I did not want to eat such a heavy meal as I predicted we were going to eat snacks all the way later. I settled on An Viet, which looks like a new restaurant that substitutes MBC at Gardens Mall LG floor.

There is a BIG PHILOSOPHY here : Food too good to waste just eat it! The objective of An Viet is to educate people to eat their food and reduce food wastage globally. We rarely see such a noble cause pursued by a restaurant. In line with this philosophy, customers can customize the carbohydrate portions.

For rice vermicelli or noodles, there are choices of 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 160 g.

As for rice, the portion choices are 120g, 160g or 200g.

There are also no extra charges for choosing more but there are for wasting food. So we can actually take the chance to save money if we are light eaters which we happened to be that day.

The place is quite hot and stuffy. I wonder why the a/c does not seem to reach this area. There are many mini small wooden tables around. The side wall is decorated with Vietnamese paintings etc. Sorry I did not snap a photo as we were too hungry to dig in. I also lost the receipt so I cannot update the price. All I can say is that you can get very reasonably priced food with great taste together.

I have always had a knack for Vietnamese or Japanese food which are healthy and not oily.

I ordered the Spring Roll I seem to have a craving for since the previous times I wanted to order it at the Vietnamese Hawker stall in Kuchai Lama, they ran out of it.

Vietnamese Rice Roll (RM 8.90) 

The key for good quality rice rolls are soft rice roll paper texture and secondly, the fresh and raw vegetables used as ingredients such as shredded carrots, cucumber, prawns, vermicelli, mint leaves and salad vegetables. When dipped into the small saucer of sweet sauce, it brings one of memory of Vietnam.

Beef Pho (Spicy) 

The clear soup with some chilli oil on top was a delight. The thin beef slices does wonders to the soul, and a warm welcome for the morning, if your tummy feel like being Asian for the moment. We chose the 140g noodles which turned out to be too little for the two of us as the noodle portion are so little even for that amount so I highly recommend to order 160g for two light eaters. After all, pho does not fill the stomach easily.

Special Vietnamese Coffee (RM 8.90) 

The weird thing about this is that there was a raw egg added. This mere description makes me cringe and almost not order if not for the convincing from the waitress who told me this is quite tasty. I was like, ok for the sake of my non-paid review and also an experience, let's give this a try. It turned out to be the best Vietnamese coffee and black coffee I have ever tried. It seems that the egg has done the job of enhancing the coffee taste, it's like bringing out the best out of the coffee. From then on, I would like to opine that perhaps it would have been better if they did not reveal the secret ingredient of the egg for fear of scaring away customers and that would give an opportunity for more people to try it and then reveal the egg ingredient after that. Sounds cruel? Yah, but that's life! Life is an adventure! There is not a hint of bitterness inside too. It was the most perfect coffee and all the other coffee I had at the food fair later was pure nonsense or simply incomparable!

Details: Address: Lot LG 203B, The GardensMid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra

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