Saturday, January 25, 2020

Cabana Retreat

Since we have a long holiday in KK this time, we decided to go glamping since none of us went before in our entire life. Hence, we booked ourselves into the most reasonably priced glamping retreat in Kota Belud.

When we arrived, I was enchanted by the scene in front of me that looks exactly like the photos!

Imagine walking to the end of the passage sandwiched by the camps and you end up in the beach;

At The Cafe facing the small wading pool and sea, the four swings were so inviting that even the grown-ups and the old and matured would be tempted to swing:

In the sizzling hot weather, we could not resist the urge to have iced drinks whereby Coke cost RM5 per can.

We waited till 2 pm for our 'rooms' / camp, we booked deluxe room with twin beds and also the queen sized bed.

The facilities here are quite good with the clean washroom and shower rooms with hot water (sometimes) and hair dryers, contrary to the facebook reviews of having few shower rooms. The only downside is that the washrooms near the twin bed side are locked up hence it was a big inconvenience.

After a while, I digested my Tuaran Noodle brunch so we went for late lunch at Tower Cafe; whereby it seems to be raining forever with the water dropping from the rooftop to make the place cooling.

We stopped by at Kota Belud market as I had the imagination that is like a Tamu but unfortunately, it wasn't and even more expensive with nothing much to eat as snacks.

Finally, by 3.30 pm, we got back and checked into our deluxe queen bed tent:

He was caught up with work due to some client and had to work till about 5.00 pm whereby I finally had the chance to go out and play!

Pool Time

Margherita (RM18) with sunset is just amazing!

We initially planned to check out the warung opposite the hotel due to the expensive prices at the hotel but finally ate at the hotel cafe as I finished swimming late due to the cocktail arriving late. The food was quite tasty being the stir fried seafood noodles, fried bihun and fried rice with fresh coconut, all costing RM51.

Movie Night (8-10 pm)

The movie night was so fun as it was so windy with the sea breeze.

We had a neighbour who was barbequing all night and invited us to join them but we were too shy to do so. Finally, after my movie, I went to join them for drinks. They have a cute son called Isaac. There was a Kadazan-Dusun guy who married a Filipina lady who is fair like Chinese.

Looking at the beach when I woke up, I was so relaxed and suddenly felt like spending another night there. The best part is the sea breeze that caused the camp to be cold at night and even in the morning.

Breakfast facing the sea was just so fabulous! We were surprised breakfast was included into the package of hotel which costs RM210 per room for the cheapest one

Address: Cabana Retreat, 89150 Kota Belud, Sabah 

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