Sunday, February 21, 2021


 This year's Valentine's Day 14.02.2021 was celebrated in Italiannies as they had a Valentine's Day Set for quite an affordable price starting at RM49 with 3 course meal. Thank god I saw the FB ad suddenly. It seems that the only Italiannies outlet is left at The Curve as the rest were closed down! It seems that The Curve didn't have the cheer it used to have and lacked the lustre. 

It was also flexible in that we can order a Valentine's set and mix with ala-carte meals. Even if so, the set is cheaper than normal which would add up to RM100 anyway. The good thing about ordering the Valentine's Day set is they allocated a special corner decorated beautifully by the staff. The Restaurant Manager was so glad that I kept taking photos of his decorations that he kept asking me, about 3 times, how was I feeling! 

We wanted to order Grapefruit Cooler but they ran out of it so we made do with Strawberry version.

Appetizer for the Set  

The potato croquette was not bad when eaten with salsa, refreshing

The Heart-shaped Pizza 

For Valentine's Day, they had a special edition pizza made in the shape of the heart with turkey ham inside. I liked the thin crispy pizza and even kept the leftovers for breakfast and dinner the next day! 

Main Course for the Set of RM49 

The prawn linguini alfredo style was quite tasty, with a little cream and mushrooms. 

Dessert for the Set 

I was grateful I ordered 1 set otherwise we would have to finish 2 Tiramisu Cakes from the Set Meals. Furthermore, I just had Strawberry Tiramisu at Dotti's Cafe for tea time today! 

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