Friday, February 25, 2022

Ritz Carlton - Jazzy Weekend at The Cobalt

 I was trying to look for buffets for my BFF who wanted to throw a party for her family member, and I ended up looking for my own! Oh...uh... diet from doctor gone to the drain! I was asking few friends to join us for the Buy 3 for 2 pax deal at RM290 for Saturday which I preferred as it is Saturday and not so rush. But none of my friends were free. I was also contemplating whether I would go to the buffet since I saw the buffet menu which didn't have much stuff and seem like simple stuff like hot dogs. I was also confused as they mentioned there were seatings for 6.30-8.15pm, 8.15-9.45pm. One of them even mentioned that if I reached at 7.30pm, I had to leave the restaurant at 8.00pm which I thought didn't make sense. So I called them few times to confirm everything. When I actually went there, there were 10 tables of diners only and many other empty tables anyway. 

Finally, since no one was free, I decided to go ourselves on Friday because it was even cheaper on that night, at Buy 1 Free 1 with total RM145 nett after taxes. We went there on Friday evening which was raining heavily. Parking was RM12 per entry. 

The Jazzy Weekend was just a live band without a singer. I wished they had a singer which would be better. I got a seat in front of the live band. 

The food are Southern American and Lousiana food. It was rare for Lousiana buffets so it was different food on the counter compared to the rest of the other hotel buffets. 

What was really presentable was the cheese spread hygienically placed in a special trolley! They also chill the juices in a hygienic way in pressed juice bottles inside the fridge. The appetizers were served in the cocktail glass. 

The funny thing is the best thing I liked about the food was the homemade Havana nachos, which was not the normal nachos I  hated. It was crispy and didn't have the corn taste. I also liked the parmesan crisp in the Artisan Bread corner. The Chicken Jambalaya was similar with chicken paella which I liked. The other thing worth eating are the barbecued tasso prawns. 

Many people went for the Rootbeer with vanilla ice-cream. Basically they serve every day items that we can buy in some eateries at the buffet. There was also pancakes but I didn't want to increase calories with pancakes. 

Other stuff that I didn't manage to try were Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Pecan and also Chipotle Crust Butterfish. The seafood pie was just normal and nothing to shout about. 

The cakes are a disappointment and I only took 4 pieces. They looked dull and just cut in rectangles and the fillings were just normal. No one can beat Majestic  Hotel KL on cakes that look as decadent and taste as pretty and unique as they look. 

The worst of the lot was the Asiatique Grill whereby the name look nice but the Fried Koay Teow was made to be sweet instead of spicy as requested!  Guess immigrant chefs really cannot cook! 

Here are the buffet spread.

The salad spread was very wide variety and great when it comes with smoked salmon and crabmeat salad. 
Fresh Smoked Salmon 

Chilled juices in fridge (Orange, Apple, Pink Guava, Green Guava, Pineapple)

The Artisan Bread - Very tasty parmesan crisp

Cajun Seafood 

Gado-gado Vietnamese Spring Roll

The live station - Creole Sloppy Joes was not bad but placed on soft burger buns instead of hotdog buns with avocado and salsa. The Quesadilla was a no-no if you are like me who love Spanish and Mexican good. The Southern buttermilk fried chicken was a tad too hard for me so I had one bite only. 

The Creole Sloppy Joes Live Station - Quite tasty 



Sweet Char Koay Teow which is weird 

The cakes that are not that great. Cheese Cake, Carrot Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake 

Quesadilla was not that great. The parmesan crisp was the tastiest with the beef and chicken spread with salsa with avocado spread. 

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