Monday, April 24, 2017

Yoshi Sushi

My top favourite food is Japanese which is quite pricely so I always am in the hunt for reasonably priced and tasty Japanese food and I found one during CNY 2017 in Kuchai Lama which I got the chance to try the food on 25 Feb 2017 at Yoshi Sushi.

Yoshi Sashimi Moriawase (RM 35) 

The sashimi is quite reasonably priced, fresh and tasty. It contains 3 pieces of each type of maguro, octopus, salmon and butterfish.

Ninniku Chahan (RM 6.60) 

The fried garlic rice is fried till very fragrant and was well worth the price paid.

Ramen Okonomoyaki (RM 15.60) 

There is just too much ramen and carbs inside the okonomoyaki and I still prefer it cooked with cabbage solely. There is also too much mayonaise.

Yaki Gyoza (RM 8.60)

The gyoza is not bad and not overburnt.

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