Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gen @ 10 Japanese Restaurant

I have harboured my wish to try the buffet here ever since I saw the advertisement in Sunway Putra hotel of the RM 98 / pax buffet. Finally yesterday Jonathan wanted to bring me there to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary. I called the hotel twice to make a reservation and Kalai, the F & B manager told me there are 20% discount if we buy groupon / faveon (the new name) voucher so we did.

The atmosphere is very beautiful and ambience enlightened by the scene of KL Tower and Petronas tower. We should go there before the sky gets dark in order to see two different scenes and do a lot of camwhoring!

They also have a Mon-Fri buffet promo at only RM 48 but the difference is the RM 98 price has sukiyaki and fresh oyster.

Small oysters

My only solace lies in the smallest fresh oysters in the world! Much smaller than the ones in Jogoya or any other place. Can you believe it that even the lemon is sliced into cubes instead of slices for these? After they finished the lemon, it was changed to lime! It was as though it was a case of an extreme lack of funds on the Management side.

The sukiyaki? WOW, it was WORST THAN ANY FRANCHISE SUSHI PLACE. Any RM 20 set at Sakae Sushi would have done better! Can you imagine small claypot of sukiyaki which are to be cooked yourself using super sugar and soya sauce infused 'chicken soup' with mushrooms, carrot, cheap vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, onion, spring onions and miniscule thin pieces of chicken. The only nice thing is the non-smelly bamboo.

Not a single piece of the expected Japanese beef is in sight. Finally I saw the 'beef' salad which has ONLY minced beef fit for cooking spaghetti!

I almost felt like we were having chicken buffet such as teriyaki chicken, chicken shoyu butter, and a lot of other type of cooking style of chicken.

When we saw the small variety of food available, we were disappointed! Here is the 'fake' menu from fave. I had to make so many phone calls simply to find out the menu. Most of the staff at the hotel know nuts and told me to call back at 6 pm when the Japanese restaurant opens. I told them I am considering whether to go there so I need to know the answer before the buffet time.

There were only 3 types of sashimi : octopus, salmon and butterfish and didn't even have the basic maguro or tuna!

Even more disappointing was the absence of Ebi (prawn) tempura! There was not a piece of prawn in sight! There are only cheap cold tempura made of sweet potato, brinjal, and mind you, fake crabstick!

The only seafood evident was the weird grilled salmon fish that was too salty! Do you even consider steamed fish snapper Japanese? It was mentioned fish head salmon in the menu but you won't see it!

The only thing edible are the sashimi, oysters, Japanese octopus, Japanese seaweed and the sushi which are not very creatively made as expected of a 5 star hotel?

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio was weirdly made from soba, edible but then again, probably only suitable for vegetarians with no seafood in sight!

Imagine paying RM 98 and not getting teppanyaki? Surprising! No individually cooked food as well! No alcohol or champagne! No variety of tea but ONLY COLD tea pot for everyone compared to Shogun and Jogoya which has a whole tea cabinet for Chinese, English and Japanese tea. The only thing that's nice is the beautiful teapot.

The salad looks worst than the variety at Pizza Hut salad bar! Even the salad bar in Westin had octopus. Ok, at least there is sesame sauce and mustard sauce! The worst is how can I Japanese restaurant not have zucchini?

The dessert table doesn't fit the description of hotel dessert. It looks like the cheap dessert at Pearl International Hotel in Old Klang Road vs the one expected! I have had better desserts at Pelangi or Westin langkawi or any other hotel. Most of the cakes consider a big dosage of colouring. So compare that with Jogoya and you just cut it down to just a 5 types of cakes and hardest pudding in the world and you know what I meant!

The ice-cream? WOW, be prepared to faint! No Haagen Daz, Kindori, New Zealand ice-cream but supposedly in-house ice-cream, where the only good thing is the matcha ice-cream that tasted more of milk than green tea! The only topping available is red bean! So don't imagine the basic chocolate rice sprinkles, chocolate or strawberry sauce that actually so cheap in the mall! The matca ice-cream was so horrible that Jonathan took ONLY one quarter scoop!

As of now, I am beginning to wonder are we really in a 5 Star Hotel or is it rasuah hotel rating? Perhaps... otherwise it is so weird. The only good thing is the service from the waiters who keep clearing our plates.

Thank god we bought the voucher of RM 148 for 2 pax otherwise I would write a letter of complaint to the management to make them realize that food trust is something that we have to pay or invest to get it!

I guess in future, I would enter the restaurant to survey the food before paying anything and no more Japanese buffet unless it's free temporarily as I gave up looking for good reasonably priced ones! The only buffet worth eating is the one at Jogoya or the one in Japan or Hokkaido or the cheap ones in Spain or Europe!

More camwhoring around the Sunway Putra Mall :

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