Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nanny's Pavillion-Porte Baggage

I have always been fascinated by any cam-whoring experience. So definitely when Nanny's Pavillion-Porte Baggage at KLIA 2 was having a lunch offer at 30% off, I grabbed the chance and took Jonathan there when we arrived from KK during CNY 2017.

Hubbert Chicken (RM 16.80 after 30% discount) 

The chicken with cheese with fettucine is just amazing. Somehow the deep fried breaded chicken matches well with the creaminess of the fettuccine.

Fish and Chips (RM 12.60 ONLY after 30% discount) 

The fish is fried still super crispy and the chips were matched superbly

Iced Lemon Tea (RM 9) 

It tasted just nice and not too sweet.

Add: Nanny's Pavillion-Porte Baggage, L2M-23, Gateway@KLIA2.

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