Sunday, April 23, 2017

Three Brothers

We first saw the facebook post from Gourmet Hunter featuring Three Brothers' food and what attracted me was none other than the salmon sashimi so we brought my brother-in-law there when he came to KL for a holiday, on the very day of his arrival.

Salmon Sashimi (Cost about RM 20) 

The salmon sashimi, was served in the original plastic plate, which was a disappointment for us Japanese sashimi food lovers. The sashimi was also too thinly sliced. The sashimi didn't even look fresh so this taught me a lesson never to have sashimi in a Chinese cafe!

Fresh Oysters (RM 12/each) 

The fresh oysters were huge and fresh and the best was being served with fish roe on top. It was even better when we cook order different flavoured oysters at once for 2 garlic, 2 original, 2 spicy.

Grilled Pork Ribs with Herbs (RM 48) 

This is one of the signature items and very sinful with the fats that melt in the mouth. The sauce was incredible with hot fluffy rice.

Deep Fried Sotong with Special Sauce 

The sotong is quite tasty with the cheesy sauce accompaniment.

Dragon Leaves 

The dragon leaves was a tad too oily albeit done well when mixed with shimeji mushrooms.

Add: No 23G,Jalan Bulan CA/U5,Bandar Pinggiran Subang,Seksyen U5 40150
Shah Alam, Malaysia

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