Sunday, April 16, 2017

Soup Restaurant

I was so happy to see the Amway shop managers as it has been a while since I saw them so we I followed them for dinner at The Soup Restaurant at Jaya Shopping Centre. Glad I went as I could also try the food at The Soup restaurant, one place I rarely would have ventured as I used to think that it is not worth the high price paid for soup at such expensive place. It seems they have dinner sets at about RM 20 ++ which was quite delicious.

I can never imagine ordering what to me, is just steamed chicken that I can eat at the chicken rice stall, but then again this is tasty and the ginger and chilli sauce accompaniment were superb! 

Plain and simple pork chop styled rice 

Steamboat herbal soup. Now this made the difference and we couldn't get enough of the sweet soup! 

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