Sunday, April 16, 2017

House of Seafood

It seems that the only time I have been here was during the crab promotion of 3 crabs for RM 38 and they had the entire restaurant crowded and many queuing up for it when it first opened. I fondly remember the waiters wearing crab caps. When I came again on 8 April, it seems the entire place is empty even on a weekend at dinner time.

We noticed there was a promotion of Smoked duck for RM 13.80 so without hesitating I went in, though it was more expensive than the RM 5  price tag during its opening. After all, I am a big fan of smoked duck.

The smoked duck is as tasty as I remember it to be with broccolis and also Japanese sesame sauce liberally sprinkled on top.

Mongolian Chicken Set with Rice (RM 15.80) was very fragrant. The mongolian sauce covered the chicken thoroughly. It was tasty with white rice.

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