Monday, December 25, 2017

Taiwan Recipe

After a meal at Ippudo Ramen, we went to Taiwan Recipe for taiwanese food as we were already hungry after a lot of walking. I almost didn't want to come here again because the spicy ramen soup wasn't spicy at all the last time I ate here.

Bubble Red Tea (RM 4.90) 

The iced tea was very flavoursome and good to have the bubbles too. 

Stewed Pork Rice (RM 12.90) 

The pork was very fragrant and tender, so tasty in the mouth compared to places like Formosa and the Taiwanese cafe at SS2. The price was affordable as well.

Smoked Duck Mantou (RM 2.95, 50% discount over normal price of RM 5.90) 

I was suddenly crazy over mantou but when the mantou came, it was not so tasty and not good when combined with smoked duck which didn't have much sauce. 

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