Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bentong Road Trip

Can you believe it if I tell you that this is my first road trip in 5 years? After much persuasion, finally I got to go to Bentong for Propher Muhammad's birthday public holiday long weekend. My school mate from MGS, Stephanie Tan and her boyfriend Brian came with us for the short day trip. We came out of the house at 8.45 am and we took a wrong turning and ended up reaching at 11 am for brunch. 

Thong Kee Coffee Shop  

We went to the most famous Thong Kee for brunch and the place was brimming with so many patrons that it was a challenge to get an empty table. It seems that this queue situation is the same in all branches of Thong Kee. I ordered the coffee which has the same taste with the Thong Kee branch in Taman Paramount so I actually didn't need to come all the way here for the thick aromatic and cheap coffee.I also ordered the toasted bread with thick slabs of butter which does make me guilty of high cholesterol but I threw caution to the wind and just ate it till the last bite! 

Address: Thong Kee Coffee Shop, 4, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong Pahang 

Wantan Mee from Ji Ki 

The wantan mee (RM 4.50) was a major disappointment and I could find even better ones in Selangor! The wantan are small too. Luckily we didn't order two plates of this. I ordered 2 Yong Tau Foo items which are Taufu Pok and also some foo chuk filled item hence my wantan mee cost RM 7 for all that. The taufu pok was another disappointment as the taufu pok mum bought for me before had very thin skin and I also thought that Bentong is famous for the taufu pok but had too much tofu inside. 

Address: Thong Kee Coffee Shop, 4, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong Pahang 

Handmade Dumpling 

The only solace came from the sui kow dumplings which cost RM 1.50 per piece. The dumpling was full of fillings and really made the price paid worth it. 

Address: Thong Kee Coffee Shop, 4, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong Pahang 

Yang Guang Bentong Trading 

After a heavy brunch, we walked around and took photos of the murals on the wall and also went to one of the tourist shop and bought Ginger Drink powder with longan and dates. There was not many things to buy there as I am not a big fan of durian. Durian lovers can buy the durian biscuits, coffee or even durian omelette wafers. 

Address: Along Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong Pahang 

Ah Chong Chee Cheong Fan 

I feel that this is the only food of the day that makes the trip worthwhile. The chee cheong fan sold at the hawker stall, is really of very thin layer, soft and so delicious with the curry and big ladies fingers, foo chuk and also taufu pok. I like the big young ladies fingers but crispy foo chuk. The taufu pok is again not to my liking as the skin is not thin enough. Too bad I was a bit full so could not order much of the chee cheong fan. 

Address: In front of Ichiban Best wall, and beside Kedai Kopi Kwong Sen (opposite art mural), Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong Pahang 

Bentong Art Mural

After that, we went to Chamang Waterfall but after going all the way there, the gate was closed again to my disappointment as I have persuaded Jonathan so much to go to the waterfall and he initially refused because he thought waterfalls are dangerous. 

Kow Po Ice-Cream Shop 

Our last stop in Bentong was the ice-cream shop which is visited by all races. The seller mixed up my order with Stephanie and Brian who ordered the Ice-Cream Special (RM 7) with coconut and vanilla flavours. I had the chocolate flavour which was rich enough but just too small a scoop. Since we had a bit too much of ice-cream, I didn't feel that I wanted to try the shaved ice at TAK Coffee Shop.

Bentong Kolam Air Panas 

The public hot spring is just located in front of Suria Hot Spring Resort. Anyone can come here and dip their feet into the water. In fact, there are benches around the hot spring for people. Surprisingly, the hot spring water is not hot as I thought it to be initially. There is a public washroom that costs RM 0.50 per entry and RM 1 for bathing. 

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