Monday, December 25, 2017

Boat Noodle

I guess some people like you and me are crazy over Boat Noodles. I still remember when there was boat noodle craze in town, I even went all the way to Empire Damansara to try the famous Boat Noodles which came in very small portion. Nowadays, these boat noodles have mushroomed everywhere. The concept is whereby we order many small bowls of noodles of different flavour for the sauce, and then we can finish each bowl in one minute. Each bowl can cost only RM 1.90 ++. Over here, the portion is slightly more so every bowl costs RM 3.80. We came her for dinner before our office event at PWTC. We ended up ordering so many bowls of noodles to try all the flavours of Beef Thai Egg Noodles, Beef Thai Rice Noodles, Beef Springy Noodles etc and also because the portion is small, so this concept is quite good for making money. I liked the rice noodles the most as it is more like boat noodles to eat this version.

Sangkaya Steamed Bread (RM 6.90) 

This is the first time I eat steamed bread in a cafe as I rarely order pau or any steamed bread outside as I am not a big fan of bread. It tastes like what you eat at home when you were a kid, dipping warm bread into kaya.

Som Tam Thai (RM 8.60) 

The som tam thai is spicy and sourish like how most som tam are. It is quite tasty for me.

Add: Lot 4-430, Level 4, Sunway Putra Shopping Mall, 100, Jalan Putra KL 

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