Monday, December 25, 2017


I passed by this dessert cafe twice and this time round, with my classmate, Samantha, I swore I had to try it. After all, it is the craze of shaved ice. The cafe is very small with limited space to walk and also very few varieties in the menu.

I came here wanting to try the dessert set unfortunately it is not available in this branch but only the one in Pavillion.

Hojicha (RM 17) 

The kakigori shaved ice is not cheap and most of them range between RM 17-20. It seems that this is a money-making business as they just need to invest in the hi-tech ice machine and add ice, and some flavouring. Hojicha has a separate cup of ocha to be poured on top and a chestnut as the top. Nothing much inside except a whole lot of ice to share over chit-chat session.

Melon Pan - Matcha Soft Serve (RM 13) 

I am a big fan of crispy pan that is something like Beard Papa so naturally I ordered this. The pan is crispy pastry with the green tea soft serve sandwiched in between.

Add: LG-201A, Lower Ground, The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra

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