Monday, December 11, 2017

The Kraffmen

After a long time of not meeting my classmate, Le Shin, like since we left high school, so I decided to meet up with her, Yik Fong and also Vivian Chang. I told them, this time round, my trip to Penang, like all my other trips, is about eating. Anyway, all other tourists come to Penang for food, if not what? I arrived first at Kraffmen along Jalan Zainal Abidin, Georgetown at 2.50 pm but the cafe was brimming with lunch crowd. The ever friendly director/owner, Christy Foo told me that she would bring me upstairs so I went to see. The upstairs has a few private rooms fit for big gatherings. Then she said that the lunch set is not available that time so I was a little disappointed and wanted to change meeting place but Vivian said not to do it since the rest was already told to come here. Then after contemplating to leave the place, I asked the lady again whether it could be arranged for us, a table downstairs and also for the lunch menu - the famous St Ali that's much talked about by bloggers.

St Ali (RM 21) 

Thank god we met Christy otherwise we would not get the chance to try this St Ali which is the lunch menu. This is actually named after the St Ali Roasters cafe in Melbourne, which goes to show that the coffee and food in The Kraffmen are Melbourne inspired, even to the extent of the imported coffee beans. St Ali is an artful presentation of  Potato Rosti pan-fried with crispy edges. When you dip down, one discover the creamy Avocado Spread, Mushroom Duxelle (of shimeji and shitake), shaved Parmesan and topped with not one but two poached eggs. The mushroom with truffle sauce really won me over hands down. The eggs that had thick egg white made us feel very full. A visit here without the taste of St Ali can be considered wasted. I took a long to finish this due to the cheesiness that made me full fast so I recommend eating this with empty stomach.

Croissant with Mixed Tuna (RM 13) 

This is another item highly recommended by Christy. The tuna is creamy sandwiched between fluffy and big croissant. Vivian ordered this and let us all have bites of it.

Flat White (RM 11) 

It is on very rare occasion that I order Flat White but this time I ordered it because it was recommended and also because I was on vacation hence I didn't want to have too strong coffee like how I always like. The coffee is not bad here and that's why most customers come.

Affogato (RM 15) 

The affogato is served in a giant coffee cup in three scoops of vanilla ice-cream with espresso compared to the way that affogato is normally served in cocktail glasses.

Iced Chocolate (RM 15) 

A mere sight of this and most people would have mistaken it for Chocolate Smoothie. The chocolate is very thick and ingredients are imported from Australia too.

Kambucha (RM 15) 

It is rare for a coffee cafe to sell enzyme drink, but this is unique. I like the sourish taste and the realisation of its benefits such as improving digestion and curing constipation, being rich in probiotics, protects against microbial infections, detoxication (cleanse your liver),  strengthens immune system, rich in minerals and vitamins, aids in maintaining cellular health, improve joint health and beneficial antioxidants for healthy skin.

Orange Flourless Cake (RM 15) 

We tried this as the last item, where the cake was without the common cream overload with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and a strong taste of orange.

The ambiance is really cosy for friends and good for any hangout and do come at lunch or dinner time to enjoy fine dining food at affordable price.

Details: Add: Kraffmen Cafe, 80, Jalan Zainul Abidin, Georgetwn 10400 Penang

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