Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ippudo Ramen

During our research for Osaka, we chanced upon this place in google search and I thought that since we have the same branch in Malaysia in Gardens Mall and Pavillion, why not give it a try here after all it is cheaper in Malaysia.

The most worthwhile is to have the lunch set menu available only on weekdays excluding public holidays between 11 am - 5 pm. After all, any ala-carte ramen costs more than RM 30.

Full Bowl Set (RM 33.90) 

I ordered this with the appetizers like edaname, salmon sashimi and chicken karaage with mayonaise and tobiko. The karaage is still crispy and warm.

We ordered the Ippudo Kuro which was very tasty with a strong garlic flavour. I just could not have enough of the soup as I am a big fan of garlic. It also has barbecued pork slice with black fungus, bean sprouts and a lot of spring onions.

We just add RM 6.90 for 1 lemon mint soda and also dessert of the day which happened to be caramel ice-cream which was not bad as well.

Half Bowl Set (RM 30.90) 

This also comes with an appetizer set which are chicken karaage, takoyaki with katsuo boshi and also bonito flakes and california roll with mentai mayo and ito togarashi.

For the ramen, I ordered Akamaru Shinaji which has 2nd level of spice. Soup wise, once you have tried the Ippudo Kuro, this pales a little in comparison.

Difference of full bowl and half bowl is not much:

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