Sunday, December 3, 2017

Khadijah's Kitchen

On and off, I would have cravings for Khadijah's Kitchen's Laksa Johor ever since I tried it in one of the caterings for my office. There was one time I tried to search for this place with my colleague Azlina but failed to find it. Suddenly on v 23 Nov 2017, I was told by Alimah that I could actually ask Akma to bring me there. Actually the place is very near my office and especially Universiti Malaya.

Khadijah's Kitchen is opened by Khadijah Ibrahim the Malaysian artiste and the restaurant is full of photo frames of Khadijah Ibrahim. It is more like an expensive Malay restaurant and the place is brimming with office people.

Laksa Johor (RM 15.80) was a tad too oily and thick almost like peanut sauce in noodles. I preferred the one I had in the catering which I recall not to be too oily and thick. There was not many ingredients inside besides shredded cucumber, onions and raw bean sprouts.

The Hot Honey Ginger Drink (RM 4.50) was quite tasty too.

Basically it costs quite a lot of eat here as most of the items costs at least RM 16-20 for kampung style food.

Add: No. 21, Jalan 11/2 Jalan Bukit, 46200 Petaling Jaya

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