Friday, December 1, 2017

Cristallo di Luna

WOW time really flies! It is already one year since our marriage on 26th Nov 2016! We celebrated in style at Cristallo di Luna in Pacific Regency Hotel which is located just opposite KL Tower.

Actually the restaurant is just another air-conditioned restaurant and not around the rooftop pool like how Luna Bar is. Being the camwhoring me, I went to Luna Bar to take some photos. There was a Redbull party there.

Luckily I googled and found an app called whereby booking through the app enabled us to enjoy 50% off all the food (excluding beverage) here.

I wanted to order the prawn and scallop appetizer but it was unavailable. Then we wanted to order the sea bass but it was unavailable so finally we had to order two meat items.

Lamb Rack (RM 68.91) 

The lamb rack is one of the first items we ordered and it was tender, juicy and tasty. It came together with asparagus and carrot.

Beef Cheek (RM 72.90) 

This is the other item we had to order due to not having fish or seafood here. Perhaps they didn't store any expensive seafood since there were not many guests here anyway. To Jonathan, the beef cheek doesn't look nice to be photographed at all as they were just a bunch of beef cubes on a bed of mashed potatoes.

The view here is not as spectacular as Skybar/Marini's/Troika Sky Dining, as the place doesn't have outdoors with balcony to overlook the sky view.

There were 3 tables decorated very beautifully with the window view, as though there are 3 wedding proposals but even when we were going back, we didn't see any couple. I felt that they should not have done this elaborate decoration and deprived us from dining there though we are also paying customers.

The air cond was also so cold that it cooled down all the food we ordered.

We were still hungry after dinner and went to Pavillion food court, to eat Tarbush Turkish kebab and also kolo mee! OK, I also went there to take photos of the Christmas Decoration!

Thank god we had discount of 50% otherwise it really would be a big regret for us.

Address: Cristallo Di Luna, Pacific Regency Hotel & Suites, KL

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