Sunday, January 1, 2017

Spitalfield's Gastrobar

Happy New Year 2017! So how do we celebrate the new year? Of course, with amazing food with incredible ambience! Also should be a place I can snap a lot of photos! I decided to do it at Spitalfield's Gastrobar at Atria Mall because of the special price for the New Year's 4-course meal which starts from only RM 48 ++ which is much cheaper than any other place in town. 

When I reached, I was greeted by a vintage signboard of Nightingale and also a telephone booth and a signage that states that one must not be dressed in shorts and slippers upon entry. The design is very vintage and brings us back to old British pubs and restaurants in the old days.

Interior of Nightingale

Upper Floor / Secret Private Room for Drinking 

Before 7pm, there is Happy Hour price of 3 pints of Beer (Tiger/Kilkenny/Guiness) at RM 58. Or any of those for only RM 14! I had my house white wine of Sauvignon Blanc at only a whopping RM 14 which is much cheaper than The Social or any pub.   

We ordered the Christmas Spring Chicken Set (RM 48) and also the Beef Steak (RM 68). The price differs according to main course chosen.

1st Course: Cassoulet Soup 

This is my first time drinking French bean's stew soup with a twist of Spitalfields. I am not a fan of kidney beans but bean lovers would love this. I do appreciate the thickness and authenticity of not overdosing it with cream which would be fattening. 

2nd Course: Deconstructed Nicoise Salad (Normal Price RM 24) 

Rather than what the name suggested, this is more like it was specially constructed to look like fine dining! The pan seared tuna loin are specially paired with oven dried tomato, fresh crunchy juicy french beans, potatoes, pickled onions, Cilantro oil, French vinaigrette and soft centre bird's egg - which made it even more unique! Totally a must try if you come here! 

3rd Course: To Beef or Not to Beef Steak (RM 68) 

The pan fried Australian rib eye steak done medium rare is a sure winner whereby it is served with onion au jus which was my favourite part. The steak sauce is also light, and not too thick and salty like how others do it. 

3rd Course: Spring Chicken (RM 48) 

There are many firsts for me today. So this is the first time in my life to eat a Spring Chicken that looks so cute, and a cheaper version of BVLD. The whole spring chicken is tender as it is marinated with cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger served with my favourite bacon potato croquette. The same croquette is served for the steak too. There is a special bread sauce. The entire chicken is placed on a bed of grilled thinly sliced zucchini and eggplant. 

4th Course: Eggnog Creme Brulee 

This classic dessert is slightly burnt on top and served with love letters, it seems that Mr Wolf in PJ also like to use the same thing - Love Letters for things like desserts. Perhaps it is a Malaysian adaptation. 

More Shots of the Majestic Nightingale 

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