Monday, January 9, 2017

Crab B

My in laws are crazy fans of crabs simply because, surprisingly, crabs are super expensive up till RM 150/kg in KK! So we brought them to one of the best places for crabs in Puchong area for brunch.

Japanese Snails (RM 18) 

This is one of my favourite. I couldn't even remember the last time I had the chance to eat snails. I just learnt that the Chinese word for 'snails' = 'lay'.

The snails are beautifully coated with butter milk which adds to the fragrance, not to mention our diet plan. It also tastes great.

Lotus Leaf Tofu (RM 18) 

This is another unique dish here whereby the homemade tofu is steamed in steamer similar with a dim sum restaurant. The tofu is placed on a piece of leaf and steamed together with pork meat.

BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 58) 

This is one of the best pork ribs sold in a Chinese restaurant. The flesh and fats are sweet too.

XXXL Crab (RM 153) 

This is the signature dish here. The crab is so fresh and when peeled, the entire piece will come out instead of in bits and pieces. We also ordered it to cook in curry, the signature cooking style which tasted awesome with the mantou (RM 5).

Honey Lime (RM 4.50) 

All of us were feeling heaty and had a bottle of Honey Lime each which is was made just nice and not too sour.

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