Monday, January 9, 2017

Osaka Teppan

I' m kinda the type of person who cannot go a week without Japanese food. Shall I say I practically thrive on Japanese food? Anyway, after having Western food for last Saturday dinner, Macanese food for Saturday Lunch and Chinese food for Sunday lunch, my mind spun back to Japanese food for Sunday dinner which we ate ourselves as the in laws were too caught up shopping at IOI Mall Putrajaya.

I have been eyeing this huge open air red and black Japanese restaurant smack at the end of IOI Mall Putrajaya LG floor every time I go to this mall. We noticed that the food is not too expensive too.

Chicken and Beef Teppanyaki Set (RM 23.90) 

Can you believe the price paid for such a big portion? The beef is quite tasty and tender too. It comes together with miso soup, white rice with red chilli powder and also greenish powder. Most importantly, my favourite teppanyaki styled bean sprouts and cabbage. There is also a side of deep fried chicken karaage.

Seafood Teppanyaki (RM 32.90) 

This is quite worth the price with 2 big pieces of grilled salmon, 2 octopus, 2 big prawns. I did not like the raw cabbage at the side as I think that Teppanyaki should always fry the cabbage together. Mine also came with reddish lychee mocktail, miso soup and the best part is the free flow of salad!

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