Monday, January 2, 2017

Tokyo Secret

Nowadays Hokkaido Cheese Tart is all the rage with places like Hokkaido Cheese Tart, Pablo and now, Tokyo Secret. Of course, not everyone can make remarkable cheese tarts that are crispy and has thin crust with cheese that melts in your mouth. I have tried one at the Food Fair in Mid Valley whereby a lot of people buy from them the chocolate tarts that cost RM 5.50 each but the crust broke apart when eaten.

I spotted the bright yellow Tokyo Secret signboard from afar, when we were driving to the carpark as the cafe is located at the outer area of Ikea. Initially we could not find this place all over The Curve because it is actually at Ikea! You have to enter Machines and you will see Tokyo Secret banner and then a small parlour which has a huge private space with a lot of natural light to hang out with your friends and even have your own party here!

White Chocolate Cheese Tart (RM 8.90) 

This is a Christmas special and it is indeed very special. The cheese totally melts in the mouth and the crust is crispy and thin! Superb! And not too sweet!

Kyoto Matcha (RM 4) 

As an add on, it cost RM 4 but costs RM 8 without. The matcha is strong and tasty and served in a special plastic transparent cup.

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